Wednesday, 25 July 2012

I failed but had a bloddy great day

one of the many welcome hills
Beryl and Mavis from the blue rinse set in the flock
I made a deal with myself this morning, I would go out and see my mate Dawn the Potter for the morning and in the afternoon I would tackle the job called "housework".  FAILED!!!   I called into an Op Shop on my way to her place making me get there a little later than expected.  It is so peaceful out in the countryside where she lives and I tend to relax way too much.  We had a good old natter, as you do, played with clay, well she created while I played.  Then there are always photos to take for her, and put onto her computer and her "whizzy stick" as she calls her USB stick.  I spent an age tidying up her files with all the photos in, breaking them up into folders and naming them so she can find certain things no problemo!!!  By now tummies are rumbling so Dawn made us lunch and will chilled out just a little bit more.  Whats the rush??  Oh yeah, I am supposed to be doing the housework. Yeah yeah!!  Finally guilt got the better of me and I left.  Some how my car took a wee detour and found me an Op Shop I had not entered.  Well what is an Op Shopping gal to do??  Scored a park right outside and I was in.  One of those super old fashioned shops raising money for the church and things are as cheap as 20 cents!!  Yes I found me some treasure.

I found a huge floral scarf in a dark mauvey purple with luscious old flowers on it $1-50, a piece of what looks like Cath Kidson fabric for 30 cents, and the purple pottery incense holder for 20 cents.  The shoes came from another shop.  They are Italian leather and near new for $8, and the lady had them behind the counter waiting for me to call in.  What a sweetie!!  So as you see I went to more than one oppy and got somewhat way laid and distracted.  I decided the incense thing would be great for my jewellery I wear each day but remove at night could live on.  My watch, my Mala, and my Labrodarite ring.  Perfect!!  By now it was late afternoon and I had lost the will to clean my house so the plan is now to stay home tomorrow and do it.  Care to place any bets??  

Sheba and Oscar the Camo wearing small dog

Had to share this with you all.  The dogs love sneaking into Jak's room and selecting a crusty old sock off his floor to play with.  Tug of war is the favorite game.  Amazing how far a dirty old sock can stretch too. I tell him to close his door but does he listen??

The totally "you've been busted" look!  Poor wee Oscar gets dragged around the house by Sheba but he hangs on and gives it his best shot at trying to win. Jeez my floor doesn't look too bad, maybe I can put off the housework till next week!!

♥♥ Half way through the week ♥♥

♥♥♥ Toodles ♥♥♥


Vix said...

Oscar and Sheba are too cute!
Sounds like a fab way to spend the day, housework's overrated anyhow. Those sheep are gorgeous and using that incense stand to store your jewellery overnight is just genius! x

Misfits Vintage said...

Housework is RUBBISH - I say boycott housework!!! Those dogs are so cute - I love the expressions in the second pic. So glad you had such a lovely day - hanging with friends and op shopping is FAR more important than cleaning. Sarah xxx