Friday, 3 August 2012

F is for...............................

Today I had some grown up jobs to do in the morning like register one of our cars, buy food, blah blah blah, and when heading home my FEISTY wee car decided to turn left twice and park in Habitats car park.  FORCED to go in against my will I FOUND these.  How could I resist the small mantle clock that was gently ticking and just happened to be FORTY dollars.  A brand new still in it's bag embroidered square table cloth for $3 and the potted plant I scored last week but it looked FANTASTIC in the photo.

Another FUNERAL on a FRIDAY.  This is starting to become a habit!!  My gorgeous FRIEND Lou-Lou-Belle's dad passed away at the beginning of the week.  He had been ill for the last couple of years so it was a blessing in the end, but still an emotional time.  He made it to 86 which I think is a pretty good innings, and the funeral was lovely.  Her brother spoke and it was beautiful and also entertaining. I admire people that can speak at their families funeral.


Coming home from the funeral my FEISTY wee car parked ever so handy to my FAVOURITE shop "Zinnia".  Again FORCED to go in I was surrounded with goodies all calling out my name.  Wall to wall, gorgeousness was a plenty.  Sticking with my F theme I unintentionally spent FIFTY one dollars.  Who can say no to a solar powered Queen that waves, Keep Calm and Carry on Bookmarks, and a Contraband tin for TOF??  Obviously not me!!  I seriously need to consider FINDING another days work FOR all this spending I have been doing.

FRIENDSHIP.  Tomorrow night we are meeting good FRIENDS of ours in town for FAREWELL drinks.  Both their kids have grown up and left the nest so they have sold the nest and are FLITTING off to live in Australia for a while.  Kind of like an adult OE.  As long as we can watch the big FINAL for rugby me and TOF will be happy.

FRESH FISH and salad.

Sticking with the F thing still, the other night TOF cooked some FRESH FISH and I placed it on a plateful of healthy colourful salad.  Having a crack at losing a bit of weight so this was heaven.  I am truely in love with FETA.

I wore FUR.

That I did!!!!   Leopard print and black was the look for the day.

FARK me its nearly the weekend!!!!  So I hope you all have a FABULOUS weekend planned.  I have lunch and an opening of an exhibition at a Gallery to go to with the lovely Nina I work for on Sunday.  Shall report back on that next week.



Misfits Vintage said...

Farking Fabulous for Freaky Friday Frippery! Happy weekend!! Sarah xxx

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Fricking fantabularse'ole! :D