Saturday, 18 August 2012

Hey hey it's Saturday!!!

Happy 17th Birthday to my youngest Jak today.  Where did all those years go???  I have put this picture on his face book page (with his permission) and suggested he keeps his clothes on tonight when he goes out celebrating!!!  Oh to be that young all over again and know what I know now.  Would I do things any different?  More than likely not.  Wisdom is for the old.  I say go out and have a good night and celebrate well.  Of course legally he still cannot drink, not that has ever stopped any generation when they were young.  Glad to say that TOF and I have had a nice time raising our two lads, and have enjoyed each stage of their lives.  I always welcome each new adventure they embark on and am thankful that they have been able to live normal healthy lives.  You never know what is install for anyone so my motto has always been to live each day as it comes and make the most of it.  We have albums of photos of good old fashioned family time, something alot of kids just don't get these days. I love being a mum!!

This morning I took a trip down memory lane and went to a junior soccer match.  My gorgeous great nephew was in town(he lives out in the countryside - Tauwhare) to play soccer at Woodstock Primary.  Both my boys played soccer at this age and it is still such a fun thing to go to.  Kyden found a nice puddle of mud that he told me he went in 3 times!!  As you do when you are a six year old boy.

It was a closely fought match with both teams seeming to be pretty even on the skill of soccer.  To cap it all off Kyden got the player of the day trophy and certificate from his team.  Apart from him getting to proudly display the trophy for a week his mum gets to supply the half time oranges at next weeks game.  So glad the weather held off and it didn't rain.  The ground was pretty soggy under foot as it is every where up here.  We need at least  week for the ground to dry out before we get any more rain, but that isn't forecast to happen.

TOF got home from Rotorua on Thursday with "Gifts for the family" as he puts it.  I got tea bags and toiletries, Jak got snack size choccy bars.  He goes all out for us when he gets a night away with work and stays in a Hotel.  Spoiled that's what we are!!!  His ManFlu is almost gone but he says he feels like crap still.  Best thing is I think I have got his cold!!  Yay!!!  Nothing I cannot snuff out with plenty of water, fresh fruit, panadol and some early nights.  But I think we have a 50th party to go to tonight!  Maybe tomorrow night is the early one.

I found this rather gorgeous candle holder thingy the other day.  My plan is to have it sit on my outdoor table with my umbrella going through the middle.  It is quite big so it should look fabulous at night.  I string battery operated fairy lights in my umbrella but this will give some nice light lower down in the evening.  I am so hanging for summer when we can eat outdoors and have the Chiminea going.  Our BBQ lives on our deck and TOF does alot of cooking on it over summer.  Fingers crossed we actually get a summer this time round.

These place mats I scored also and they will look pretty snazzy on the outdoor table as well.

I was pretty tickled to find these two tea towels, as Clarice Cliff is an artist I admire.  I will probably never own any of his ceramics so tea towels depicting his work is good enough for me.  May even make a long a line skirt and stitch one on the front yet.  Still just an idea.

Well my weekend has been pleasant so far.  Planning on going to the Farmers Market in the morning and then off to a market in Hamilton East.  If the rain can hold off until late afternoon that would be greatly appreciated!!

♥♥ Toodles ♥♥


Vix said...

Happy Birthday to Jak! How pretty do you look in that gorgeous royal blue dress? Love how pretty that candle holder is going to look with the fairy lights and all your fabulous greenery. x

OP SHOP MAMA said...

OMG that's my boy Gilbert there behind your little nephew! Classic! I was there at that game (which is just by our house - you could have come in for a cup of tea after the game!!!) What a dag!!! I am trying to think where you must have been. I didn't see you. Mind you, I was prob busy dealing with the rest of my crew and watching my other boy's game which was on at the same time..
Hard case!

Great old pic of you and your crew. And HB to your boy.

Misfits Vintage said...

Happy Birthday to Jak! I am DESPERATE for Summer - this has been the longest winter ever! The candle thing looks great. Sarah xxx

Helga! said...

Happy Birthday indeed to your youngest!!!
Love that candle holder!
I haven't been to see any sport in ages,shame on me.My nephew plays hockey I think.I realy ought to go along for a laugh! Watching the little ones just cracks me up!Fancy OpShop Mam's boy being there,but of course,you two must be practically neighbours!!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX