Thursday, 16 August 2012

My own Superman!!

TOF was away over night in Rotorua or Rodovegas as we like to call it.  He rang this morning before he had to go back to day 2 of his training course.  Still full of Manflu and not remotely interested in being at a course.  If he still had these PJ's I made him back in the day maybe his super power would kick in and he would kick the ManFlu.  "KAPOW!!"  "SHAZAM!!"

Guess I shall have to dose him up on some Panadol on his return and tuck him into bed.  Maybe I should get him this.

 I think that was in my wedding vows!

Anyway, enough of Winter already.  Time for it to pack its Man Bag and head up North for a while.  I want Summer, well I will even settle for Spring, as long as all this rain goes away and stays away.

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Vix said...

I saw a bloke at a festival wearing a tee shirt with the logo "Man Flu is real", loved it! x