Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Multiple births on a SuesDay!!

You know how much I love my weekly SuesDay, well it was even better because more lambs were born out at Webberville.  Photos follow later on after I talk you all through the morning.
These are the Day of the Dead skulls, they are going to be for sale in Remains to be Scene, the shop I work in on Mondays.
We two Sues did a total of 6 op shops this morning.  I did most of my spending,and a modest amount it was too, in Habitat.  They have really good plants for sale that are grown by some lovely retired folk that usually have a photo and a bit of gardening advise so you know what you are buying and where to place it in your garden.  I love Spring flowers, so added this pot of $3 loveliness to the dafs I got the other day.  I threw a whole lot of sweet pea seeds into my garden box and every single seed has popped up.  Totally stoked I am, so I should get a great crop of fabulous old fashioned and perfumed flowers.

My next buy was this tall cane pot that I shall stash my knitting needles in.  I have borrowed this idea from a blog I follow, Op Shop Mama, so I hope she is flattered and doesn't mind.  That was only $2.  The lavender and purple tuelle, at 50 cents each I got at Red Cross.  Living in a house full of blokes, they tend to be a bit wasteful with soap.  It ends up in bits in a basket at the end of the bath.  Years ago I made bags that you put the scraps of soap in and that way you can use it all up, and have a loafer at the same time.  Great way to use ALL the soap not 3/4 of the cake.

My last purchase is this cute little doll filled with pot pouri, that has a sweet little wooden head and you hang it in your wardrobe.  First I thought she had a mono brow but on closer inspection her eyes are closed and it is her fab eyelashes.  The label reads "Liberty" hand made in England.

I admit I was some what side tracked today as I was keen to get back out to Sues place to meet the latest additions to Webberville.  Another set of triplets was born this morning.  So after shopping and a quick and tasty lunch I followed her back to hers.  Mind you she took me on a tour of the Te Awa car park before we got out of Hamilton!!

Get ready for oodles of photos that will make you go " Awe cute"!

Two of the new arrivals
Ram-a-lambs mum and siblings

Mary and Joseph doing gods work and moving the flock to the manger

The new triplets following mum

Heidi and her goats

bit of a bum shot

Spring weeds
Spring flowers

lovely old Amber

I so would love to adopt the little black lamb, as I am rather partial to the black sheep in most families because that is my position most of the time!!  TOF is away for the night on a work thing.   Last time he had to go to a course at the end they all had to say what they got out of the course.  When it was his turn he said " a nice lunch".  Not the required answer but it amused some of the others.  It is just me and the Jak boy home.  We are thinking of Chicken soup and feta scones for dinner.  Best I get off and create this before it is too late.


Vix said...

Loving the Day of The dead skulls and very impressed about the availability of plants in your op shops. Mind you, ours are based in town so carrying a plant around the shops before walking a mile home would probably kill the poor bugger!
My Grandma used to do the same with soap scraps. She also used to make puff ball things that hung from the bath taps and could be used to scrub the bath without the need for cleaning products!
Hurrah for all those cute lambs, spring's on it's way! x

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Dint yer like me guided tour?? :D Buggers blocking orf me shortcut!! Great pics thanks mate! See ya next weekxxx