Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Pet goat, pottery and a Parrot!

TOF was home from work today with the dreaded ManFlu.  I thought something was brewing as he has been decidedly grumpy of late and my crystal ball has not been coming up with any other cause for this other than he was coming down with the lurg!!  By lunch time I had quite frankly had enough of being surrounded by ManFlu so I headed out to Dawns place.  To my great excitement her letter box has been put up.  The pottery roses are on barbed wire wrapped around the stump with the enormous acorn letterbox perched on top.  Can you see her pet goat Biddy Munchkin in the background?  Total tosser standing on the roof to his hut.   But back to the letter box, ain't it just super duper!!
I wonder if the rural mail man was half as impressed as I was?  I bet the cows will love it when they are grazing in the paddock opposite.

There is no way I could have something like this in town.  It would either be vandalized or stolen!!

Not long after I took these photos the heavens opened up and it poured down.  When I got back in my car I saw that old Biddy had taken shelter in his hut and had his head poked out the door checking on the weather.

If you look closely you will note that old Biddy has been pooping on the roof of his own castle.  69 is the street number not some weird sexual reference to Biddy.  Just in case you were wondering!

As I drove down Dawns driveway she was outside pointing up into one of the trees outside her Studio.  Of course I hadn't the faintest idea what she was pointing at.  Turns out she had a visitor.

It was this bloody great big green parrot!!!

She was trying to lure it down with an assortment of grapes, sliced pear and some other healthy snacks.

Isn't it gorgeous??!!

Trust me, I took about six zillion photos of this beautiful bird but have managed to prune that down some what.  The plan was to get it to come down and she wants it to live in her studio.  Not sure how that will work out.  I suggested she put a call into SPCA and see if any one had a missing Parrot first, because it is obviously someones pet and they would have handed over a fare wad of cash for a bird like that.  Shall update you later on in the week when I find out what happened.
Today Dawn was busy making a whole lot of Peas in a Pod.  She talked me into having a play with some clay, even tho' I was quite content to watch her and chat.  I don't like to use her clay as this is her income so I made a smaller version of what she was doing but mine are baby peas.  Complete with ruffle bonnets, and dummies.  They are going to be my representation of my own boys so they will be glazed with white bonnets, pale pink skin and blue dummies ( pacifiers) with a green pod.  They have to dry out before I can do that so maybe next week. We were waiting for her kiln to cool down as she had just done the final firing and had some newbies in the kiln.  You have to wait until the temp drops to at least 200*, then she has to unload using thick welding type gloves.  Its really exciting as you never know if everything will have survived.  And you never know how things will look as the glaze is quite different when it has been  cooked.

This is looking into the kiln to the last shelf of goodies to be removed.  Rather magical as it was all coloured sheep, toadstools and trees. Pleased to say, nothing was broken so a successful cook up it was.  Her Day of the Dead skulls are to die for.  I haven't got a very good photo of them but when I do I shall share it.  The most awesome bright and pastel colours.  They are open at the back so you can put incense in them and the smoke wafts out the eye holes.  Apparently they are quite a good seller too so she intends on making a whole lot more.

You can see some of them in this photo in front of her Dr Seuss coloured clock that I personally think is fabulous!!!

The crowns on the heads she paints with a bronze colour and they look awesome.  My favourite is the one with the top hat.

If you like the look of Dawns Pottery she finally has a web site so go google her, www.uglybeautifulpottery.com

A flock of coloured sheep!!

Makes me wonder if any more lambs have been born out at Webberville.  Sue tells me Ram-a-lamb has gone to stay at a mates place while she swans off to Oz for a wedding this weekend.  She even packed him a weekend bag of his stuff.  Now that was a photo op if ever, and a dam funny blog post.  Bless his little woolie white coat.  I so would love him in my back yard if he would stay small forever.

Well it is SuesDay tomorrow and I am looking forward to hitting the oppies with a bit more cash than I had last week.  So I will blog about the success or the failure probably tomorrow.


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Vix said...

That parrot is such a pretty creature! I hope he finds a good home! Loving the pottery creations and sending you lots of luck for Suesday! x