Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Oscar gets 127 different channels now

and by the look on his face he is definitely getting the porn channel.
I have had to resort to him wearing his plastic cone so his lesion heals.  It's kind of funny because it looks like a satellite dish and he gets stuck every now and again.  To piss me off he walks really close to me and nudges the back of my legs with the hard plastic.  But after wearing it for today things are looking better so maybe he can ditch the cone tomorrow.

I found myself being Nigella no friends today as Dawn had a thing to go to.  I was going to go out to Sues to play farm girl with her lambs but she wasn't answering her phone.  She probably has caller ID!!  Nah apparently her inter net was playing up so her phone crapped out aswell.  So due to having time on my hands and needing to go out any way to get chook food, I went to a Opy and scored this wee fur shrug - $5.  Too small for me but I can on sell this baby and make some much needed money.

Then I found this gorgeous TCD coat dress that fits so it is a keeper for sure.  Hard to see but ti is double breasted and sort of like a tuxedo coat with a gap in the front.  May treat you to a photo of my good self in it tomorrow.  Tomorrow, oh yeah, it is SuesDay. I only have a small amount of cash as I need petrol and the robbing bastards at the petrol stations want $2-12 a litre.  My challenge will be to spend wisely or not at all.  We have a different circuit to do and I have instructed Sue to get into town early.  Fingers crossed she goes to bed early!!

Well this is short and sweet today, expecting thunder storms tonight.  I love thunder storms at night, all snuggled up under my mohair blanket with the gas heater cranked up.


Vix said...

That tuxedo coat is gorgeous and the furry bolero is so cute! Poor Oscar and his Elizabethan collar, mind you, he doesn't look too upset with it! xxx

Helga! said...

Baahahahaha! Poor Oscar! I shouldn't laugh.....but......
That furry number is rockin' Love it! I look forward to seeing you in it AND the tuxedo coat!
Nigella awaaaaaaaaaaaay!(gawd I love her!)

Clara Turbay said...

so cute!