Thursday, 20 September 2012

a little bit country, and some more good scores

This morning I went back to Habitat to pay for and pick up my new out door set.  Well tah-dah here it is in all its magnificence!!!  Fitted perfectly into the back of my trusty station wagon.  I have a confession to make.  While collecting this I discovered the most gorgeous mirror that I just had to have.  The manager let me have it for $20 due to being such a regular and well liked shopper.  He said me and Sue are the most fun customers they have.  CORRECT!!!  We would be.  I didn't dare poke about in the shop as the back of my car was seriously loaded and I still had to go to Bunnings!!  So do you wanna see the mirror. Do you do you do you????  Okay!!

It is rather old and been painted this pastel pink and that is exactly how she will stay.  My plan is to be car less tomorrow so I will have to stay home and do housework and with a bit of luck and good management my sewing room will get the overdue clean up it deserves and Pinky my mirror will live happily ever after in said room.

You like??

If it wasn't for my junk mail I would never have known about this fabulous picture that was on sale for a mere $6-90!!  Some people hate junk mail and have those little signs on their letter box "NO JUNK MAIL". I'm more like "YES PLEASE BRING ON THE JUNK MAIL",  This bevy of babes is hanging in my loo.

So this afternoon I headed out to Dawns place, Ugly Beautiful Pottery Studio.  You really should check out her web page.  There was a load of pottery that needed to be photographed as it is all heading to Taupo tomorrow.  I am infatuated with this caravan.  Apparently the inspiration came from my black and white striped and spotted leggings.  Imagine owning a real life size beauty like this.  Sigh.  Not sure TOF would tow it.

A shelf full of the most brilliantly colourful Fungi!!!

These sell in sets of three and would look fantastickle in any garden.  The tall ones are about 30cm and then they vary.  So Dr Seuss.

The wee lamb has grown quite a bit and was jumping about in the sun, would love to have caught that in a picture.  And welcome to Bounce the new goat.  Biddy Munchkin died so this is the replacement.  I love how they were checking me out, like "What??"  I dream of living on a small acreage some day with a menagerie of animals to keep me occupied.  Every time I go out to Dawns there is this cow, well it could be a bull because it's huge, grazing by the road, so today I stopped and asked it to pose for me.  Very obliging it was too. 

Heading back into town I took the back way home.  Big long flat country roads with so many things to look at but alas I was driving.  But I did stop to take the odd photo. 

The Mormon Temple is just out of Hamilton and this is it from behind.  Quite an impressive sight as the sun always seems to make it glow.  I haven't got a conventional religious bone in my body but the gardens around this are lovely.  At Christmas time they go all out and cover this area in lights.   Draws a huge crowd ever year.

I have another confession to make.  I happened to stop off at a real old school op shop on my way out to Dawns today. I got the most gorgeous retro dress for $3.  This op shop washes and irons everything and the old ladies are delightful.  I don't hold out much hope of  it fitting me unless I have my jaw wired up!!  May end up on selling it yet.  I will take a pic of it on my Mannequin tomorrow.

♥♥♥ Goodnight ♥♥♥


Misfits Vintage said...

Pinky the mirror is fab - your new outdoor setting is lovely - the lovely lamb is super cute - the little pottery van is gorgeous - and I demand pics of the frock STAT!!! Sarah xxx

Vix said...

Awwww, the lamb & the goat are so cute! The mirror is great, too, love the colour! It's pissing down here, which means my car boot haul is still too wet to show off! x

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Oh bloody ballcocks! I've only been after a mirror like that since I got me dressing room! **sob** ;-D