Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Hey hey hey another SuesDay

Talk about an early start to the weekly SuesDay out.  We were at our first shop before 10am this morning.  Mind you we did a quick trip to The Base before we got down to the business of Op Shop Therapy.  At Habitat I got a two seater cape cod style seat with a table attached in the middle for a sweet little $20.  I will go back tomorrow morning with my station wagon, seat folded down ready to bring this baby home.  Even has a hole for a brollie!!  A few minor repairs and it will be good to go.  I also got a couple of lovely tapestry cushion covers and the cutest ever small enamel cup, white with blue polka dots on it.
Heading into town we stopped at a set of lights, oh yeah Sue W was the driver today as TOF had our car.  So I was able to take a snap of another one of the painted meter boxes.  My small camera now lives permanently in my handbag.  Therefore I will be able to capture more of these artistic treats when I am out an about.  I was tempted to take pics of people as I was waiting in the car parked in the main street while Sue was JCing it.  People watching is awfully amusing and so is being parked near a round about.  Amazing how many people don't seem to realise that their car actually came with "indicators", and how many drivers don't "look".

Next stop was Salvo in the main street, then down to a few favourites in Frankton, a busy little shopping area that has 4 shops to call in on.  I found the fabric next to my little spotted cup in Red Cross in Frankton and more clothes at Vinnies and Save Mart.  The doily was from the Salvo.  The 2 pairs of shoes, Nu by Neo a dam fine brand and leather were $4 per pair, almost if not new and they were from the Salvo at Grandview, another suburban shopping area. They are all sitting on the fold out table I scored the other day.

This is the table folded flat.  The top acts as a handle, it is very dinky!!  I told TOF that when we go to Jaks cricket games this summer we will take this, a brollie and our deck chairs, along with our picnic hamper.  He thinks we will have to leave an hour earlier just to set up!!

I forgot to share this score from last week.  My $2 shelf that now resides in my powder room, bog, lav, loo, toilet - take your pick!!  Perfect for the loo rolls and other miscellaneous items.  So far no empty rolls have been left lying around, guess that now the males have it in writing that they will not come to any harm by replacing the roll, they are happy to do it.  Amazing really!!  Wonder if I can find something about dishes going into dishwashers??

Ink blue tie front cardy with ruffles on the end of the sleeves $2, Apple green top $3, Black tunic dress with roses made out of ruffles of fabric round the neck $5.  I also grabbed a pair of very cool grey lace leggins that were hard to photograph for $3.

At the SPCA shop in Dinsdale (another suburb) I found these knitted treats for the dogs!!  Oscar sporting a Waikato Rugby supporters jersey and Sheba in girlie colours.  How cute are they in their hand knits??

We met Sue's Hubby in Dinsdale and he bought us gals lunch (under no pressure from either of us honestly).  It was really lovely so big shout out to Joe boy for doing that.  In fact as a way of showing him our deepest and most heartfelt appreciation of this kind gesture we took him to an Op shop with us.  Reckon he lasted about a minute before asking for the car keys.  When we returned to the car he was reading a map book, I asked if he was planning his escape.

Had another fantabulous day out and about with my BFF, wing woman, and partner in all my current crimes!!!

Oscar is a bit pipped at the moment as Tex has discovered the bed by the computer!!  You snooze you loose round here mate!!

Toodle pip old beans

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Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Laughed out loud at the bit about the map! :D You did well today girl!