Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Another week of fun and games

Before I even set off to work yesterday I dropped Max my eldest from his flat to work, then TOF at his new temporary job (it'll do till something better turns up), then I came home and had breakfast.  Next I was back on another delivery run, Jak to school as the car he uses was in the garage with a leaking water pump or something. ($380 later, a bill we could well do without!)  Whilst out doing all this early morning madness of playing taxi driver I noted how nearly every woman I saw was dressed in "BLACK".  I decided that colour was going to be my thing for Monday.  I will admit to wearing black trousers, but my shoes were Purple, my top was multi and my jacket was hot pink.  I even dragged out an old favourite necklace of Paua from my younger days.  Don't get me wrong, I like Black but I just couldn't believe how dam drab all these ladies looked.  Something in colour with Black would have been so much nicer, considering the day was another dull wet one!!  Enough said.  Great day at the shop selling a shite load of wonderful things to all the wonderful people that shop there.  Have I mentioned how much I LOVE my job??

I have a thing for Mosaic jewellery at the moment.  The brooch I got a while back, and the bracelet I scored a couple of weeks back at an op shop for a mere $5.  Today in the post arrived the necklace and earring set.  Got them off trade me for $30 which is a very good price.  I would like to make one of the earrings into a ring as I don't do clip on. 
Also in the post was my three Lily of the Valley plants that need to go into my garden.

Speaking of plants I went and picked up all of these today. 2 Hebes, 6 Pansies, 5 Carnations, 5 Cornflowers, and 3 Lavenders.  Got them all off Trade Me from these fantastic lady who grows and sells plants.  I have got stuff from her before and her plants are healthy as and such a good price.  All this came to $31.  Try and buy all that in a garden centre!  As you can see I will be gardening later on this week.

Now I apologise to Sue W in advance.  I had a weak moment while out and about this morning.  New TOF should have taken the car so I would stay home.  Anyway, a quick trip to Habitat resulted in finding and buying this lamp.  Perfect for my Computer NOOK!!  $5 was too good to turn down.  Then there is the fold up table I forgot to photograph that was $7-50 and a few articles of clothing.  Lovely labels for big girls like myself, Frattini, TS14, and Platform.  Also too good to leave behind.

And how could I say NO to a tin this gorgeous???

All these are in that light weight floaty fabric that can be worn all year, just how I like it,  layered!!

While I am happily blogging away, this is where Oscar is.  In his little Leopard print bed with his crocheted blanket by my feet. I should have done some house work today, but I just ran out of time.  Managed to fill the clothes line with washing so I guess that counts.  SuesDay tomorrow so maybe on Thursday I will become a domestic goddess for part of the day and tidy up my home.  Thank god its an old house and not a new one that requires to look like a show home all the time!! Better do some things before I go pick up TOF from work.  It so isn't his thing but he will do it until a better offer comes his way.  Hopefully soon for his sake.


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

I shall see thee tomorrer! :D

Vix said...

Your jewellery and plants both look wonderful and what is it with black? Such a common go-to choice for so many women and rarely flattering to any of them! x