Sunday, 16 September 2012

Nooks and Crannies

Yesterday I moved the dining room around so TOF could put up some curtains I bought off trade me.  $20 for lined drapes with the curtain rail and rings.  Pretty stoked too.  I wanted to swap my computer area and my big old cupboard over so I would end up with a "Nook".  So my big old wardrobe that we use as a cupboard is now side on where the computer was instead of where the computer is now and facing out.  Follow??

My "Nook".
The wee boat shelf my dad made for me years ago so it is great to have it hanging up again.  On the back of the cupboard I have lodged a big pin board so it covers the back and it is a good place to pin things.  It is really cosy and Oscar has his wee leopard print bed on the floor by my feet so he too is ecstatic about the nook!!
The cupboard is easier to access and the new to us curtains are fabulous.  It wasn't the best of days weather wise so it was a good use of time rather than me blobbing out with my book.  Tempting as it was I didn't do it and soldiered on with my rearranging.  Just have to vacuum the house now and it will look half decent.

Today has been another on and off wet day so I have been re-potting some of my seedlings and planting others out in my new gardens which I will call my Crannies!!  With all the rain and the odd bit of warmth everything is cranking along nicely in my crannies.  Proof is of course in the photos!!

Loads of round carrots now growing in front of my sweet peas.

Radishes with a few beetroot and some Zinnias in front of the rest of the sweet peas.

More beetroot and zinnias.  This is in the other half of the newest crannie where I have wild flowers in the other side.

And look at the growth on everything in this one.  My first garden I built, salad stuff galore!!!

TOF has a job to go to on Monday, tomorrow, it is in a workshop, not really his bag and the money is down right poor.  But he will do it until something else turns up.  We are in the throws of trying to get our mortgage put on holiday for three months so we can live.  After all the years TOF has worked he is not eligible for Dole until next month.  By then we would be more than broke.  So sod the social welfare we will manage somehow, wonder if they would mind if we stopped paying tax!  He can take the car on Tuesday and Wednesday as I don't need it and it will make me stay home on Tuesday and do my housework.  Wednesday I can hitch a ride with Sue for SuesDay.

Hope you all have enjoyed or are enjoying your weekend.  They seem to go so fast some times.  Work tomorrow for me and I hope no more lost ducks turn up!!

Have a list of things I need to accomplish this week, I will give it my best shot to tick as many off if not all through the week.



Vix said...

Your home looks wonderful, inviting and crammed full of interesting bits and pieces! The seedlings are coming on a treat, sure sign that springs on the way.
Hope TOF gets on okay at work. xxx

Helga! said...

Nookie nookie NOOK!
I KNOW you were making a point of using that word,missy!
O,jeez,G and I have been blithering about finally planting a vege garden,if you're onto it it must mean it's time to get some dirt under my fingernails...UGH.
O,hope TOF gets on allrigfht.It's a bloody crime in this country how when you really need the dole,you can't get it cos of all the arseholes who have been abusing it over the years.Feckers.