Monday, 10 September 2012

hey mother nature, you've left the sprinkler on!!

So much rain that I wondered if TOF was going to have build us an Ark!!  Upside of the rain and there is an upside, because there has to be an upside to everything.  Well the upside was, I didn't have to water my NEW garden once I had planted some plants in it!! In between all the down pours I moved broken concrete and constructed not only this garden but another one.

TOF isn't overly keen on my wobbly walls but I think they have character and in time plants will grow in the cracks and with the dirt packed in behind they won't be all wobbly forever!! I quite like wobbly and crooked.
I snuck this garden in right next to TOFs strawberry patch!!  I am not allowed to touch his sacred vege garden so I have moved in next door!!  The Yukka was already there so I just striped the bottom leaves off it.  We visited our friends in the country and I came home with not only the Calais Lily bulbs but a pot full of Pinky coloured poppy plants.  They have seeded everywhere at her place.  I gave her some of my red ones so good swap!!

This is the other garden which still needs compost and soil in it.  Seriously considering throwing an entire packet of Wild flower seeds in this with some sweet peas at the back.  The other one that I am going to add some of my vegetable seedlings to it when they are big enough to leave the nursery!!  My garden has so many gorgeous coloured flowers in it at the moment that I couldn't resist a wee photo shoot with them.

I love how mother nature mixes her colours up on one flower!!

Delicate Primulas and huge White Calais Lilies

And my Sweet Peas are growing everyday, makes me proud!!

But today was Monday so no gardening for me, no way, I had work,  fun!!!  Yes Monday FunDay was today.
I went for a layered look of red and black using some of my latest finds.  You may recognize the red slip dress and the chiffon over dress from last weeks SuesDay.  Even Oscar wore Red this morning!!  TOF dropped me off as he still isn't working but the good news is he has a couple of strong possibilities, so keep your fingers crossed with me that he will be back out working very soon.  He admitted to being some what bored today, with me not home and the weather still playing silly buggers and raining.  It rained so much last night that it flooded the floor of the shop and set off the alarm.  Loads of towels and blanket every where this morning that had to be packed up.  Then I discovered other places in the shop where it had leaked so I did alot of mopping up of water this morning and trying to dry a few coats that got slightly wet.  So wet and wild in fact that  a duck with 5 little ducklings was outside looking quite lost and stressed.  Between me, my sister and a customer we got them rounded up while waiting for help.  I phoned the SPCA who told me they couldn't come, couldn't I catch them??  Yeah right, I'm at work, I'll just close the shop and do your job aye!!  They then suggested I phone the police as some ducklings had been delivered to them already by some police.  Thinking this was odd I did phone them and finally got an answer, glad it wasn't an emergency!!!  They said phone the SPCA, so I told them what I had been told, they suggested the City Council and I said they will say SPCA.  After all, what does SPCA stand for, something to do with Animals isn't it??  Ducks are animals!!  Then I got diverted to police control which just happened to be in Auckland for god sake!!  Re told my story yet again and the helpful and sympathetic lady, and she was, said I will log it as a job and get help.  Not longer after SPCA rang me back and guess what??  They were on their way.  Bet the POLICE told them off good and proper!!!  Long story short my sister and another lady with the SPCA lady finally rounded up the duck, which indecently turned out to be a drake so presumably the dad, and all the duckling.  Apparently Dad ducks take care, and I use the word care lightly, of the ducklings during the day, while mum is out getting food.  Well this Dad duck FAILED!!!

After such an eventful day it was rather nice to get home to my slippers and a hot Earl Grey.  The smell of Crock pot cooking greeted me (I had put lamb neck chops and loads of veg in it this morning) as I walked in the door with both dogs super excited to have mum home!!

I wonder how the rest of the week will pan out??

Don't my Tulips look lovely??!!

Look after any ducks you find as SPCA are a little slow to respond and police cars aren't for duck.  We did consider the fire brigade, now that would have been great, but we wanted the young good looking ones!!

♥  Good night all 

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Misfits Vintage said...

I quite like wobbly and crooked too! Love your handiwork - and good for you for looking after the ducks.

Sarah xxx