Wednesday, 12 September 2012

No such thing as bad weather?

Jeez Louise, yesterday was the wettest and wildest day we have had for a long time!!!  I even resorted to my Granny raincoat when going to get the chicken feed from the chicken farm.  I looked old amazing!! From the chicken farm I took a back road in the country and went to Dawns, my potty friend.   Her grand daughter has the cutest ever lamb for, I think they call it calf club at school.  Which is silly really when it ain't a calf.  So lets call it farm animal day!!  City kids miss out on all this sort of fun.  Imagine if we sent our kids to school with the family cat or dog.  Talk about mayhem!!  Anyway once Dawn had fed the bleating wee lamb we indulged in hot drinks and a catch up before heading over to her studio.

My baby peas were all finished.  This is my boys, Max and Jak!!

Of course Dawns ones are much bigger, she is always amused that I work in miniature compared to her.  No playing with clay for me as I had to keep on moving.  But I did get some photos of some new things she is working on and her fabulous Fertility Goddess.  Years ago she used to make things in salt dough so some of her old creations are now making it into her clay work.

Fertility Goddess in all her glory!!!

One of the new creations, ornamental and over sized Tea-pot!!

I cannot wait to see this all colourful and shiny!!

Retro old lady bust, which will look fabulous when all glazed!!

Today of course was SuesDay!!!  And a rather beautiful sunny day it was too.  Although it was fricken cold, we had an icy breeze today as it had snowed down the line.  Sue got in extra early this morning so we hit a couple of places before her date with JC.  Then we went to 6 more op shops before we headed back to my place for lunch.  I got an old stool ($5) that I am in the middle of pimping out with my oil cloth and all will be revealed when it is finished.  The rest of my booty is here.  Half apron for $1, fabric runner for $1, cute crocheted and beaded cloth that you put on top of bowls $1-50, and the most comfortable brand new shoes for $10, very good brand so was worth the tenna!!  After lunch we went to one more op shop and then to the base as bags of soil I needed were on sale at the Warehouse and I so want to finish my last garden off.  We found some great signs at the Warehouse that just had to be purchased.  So mine are the following, one for TOFs outside room and one for, well you will know where when you see it!!

While we were out and about today Sue needed to go to the bank.  While parked waiting for her I took photos of this meter box.  All round town these have been painted by different people, students, artists etc.  I really need to take pics of some of the others as they are really quite cool.  Talk about vamp up a dull old meter box!!  Some of our bus shelters have been painted now as well, and I must admit, they look pretty good, lets hope the taggers don't screw it up by dong their thing all over the top.

Crazy cows and wicked trees!!  Love it!!  Being in the greater Waikato area and surrounded by farms this seems so appropriate.

Our Waikato River has numerous bridges crossing it and this one would have to be Fairfield Bridge, my favourite one.

While we were out and about, TOF was in the kitchen baking.  Today he made his all time favourite oat and chocolate cookies.  These are divine, but not so good when you are tying your best to lose a bit of weight!!

Yesterday he made a golden syrup sultana loaf.  Mmmmm!!!!

Just remembered that I bought a dress today that I forgot to take a photo of, mainly because it is in the wash.  But it is black with white polka dots!!!  It's rather nice!!  Well tomorrow is date day seen as with TOF being home and we do the grocery shop during the day now.  We used to call it date night, and we will go back to shopping at night when he gets another job.  Grocery shopping with TOF is amusing to say the least.  Last week we found a balloon in one of the isles so we played soccer with it.  With a bit of luck I will get my garden finished in the afternoon if the weather permits or I will have to get the granny coat out again.

♥♥♥ Night all ♥♥♥


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Golden syrup loaf!! :0 I didn't get ANY of that!! Humpfh! ;D And the name is 'Agricultural day' or Ag day for short, yer city slicker!

Misfits Vintage said...

Ooohhhh that little lamb is super cute! The apron is gorgeous - get TOF to model it for us while he's doing some baking! Sarah xxx