Friday, 28 September 2012

Put your left hand up if you love Friday!!

Mines up!!!

Even tho' I am currently not gainfully employed more than one day a week I do still love it when Friday comes around.  Today was mild but not the nicest day, slightly dull weather wise.  Not dull in the activity department for me.

With my kitchen scissors at the ready I went and cut some fresh flowers and things from my garden to put in my new jug.  Winter roses, Grannies Bonnets, Daffodils, Poor mans Orchid, Calais Lilies, Rosemary, and some others I cannot name but love to grow.  I think they look super duper and I love the mish mash of colours all thrown together in the jug.  My sweet peas are amping at the moment and they will be so beautiful when they are tall and flowering.  I think my favourite flowers are the old fashioned jobbies and especially the fragrant ones.

I have another jar of Alfalfa on the go.  This is only a few days growth so not long now and I will be able to bag it up and consume it.  So nice in a sandwich or in a salad.  I learned from my last lot to not put so much into the jar - I gave 3 snap bags of it away as I had so much.  Hopefully this weekend I will harvest a few salad greens from my little salad garden.  I gave the girls some of the silver beet this morning which they appreciated.  By mid morning I was over tootling about at home so I snuck in a quick visit to Habitat.  Found a nice book on Morocco, some fabric, a cute bell, and a cool as Union Jack pencil case.  Just down the road from my house is a church that I keep forgetting has an Op Shop.  So I popped in there today as they were about to shut shop.  The dear old lady said to carry on as she was in no rush.  I found a doily and a small cloth, that she wanted only 50c for.  I only had a $1 so said nah lets make it a dollar.  She told me to make sure to come back.

My collection of goodies, a skirt I forgot to mention, love the fabric, spots, stripes and wiggly lines, and a close up of my bell.

I have quite a few lovely German colouring in pencils.  My first lot I bought years ago at a Rudolf Steiner School Fair, they even have their own wooden pencil sharpener.  These are beautiful to draw with and they desperately needed their very own pencil case, which they got today!!  When my friend Leonie was living in Germany she found me some more of these so I have quite a collection.   I wrote a short story and illustrated it for my great nephew Kyden when he was a pre schooler and love to dress up as things like super hero's like most wee boys do.  It's all about him and what he got up to in my back yard. He used to come here one afternoon a week before Kindergarten kicked in.  

He may get a kick out of reading about his imaginary adventures that he used to have in my back garden when he is older!!

Anyway, I took a drive out to the Webber Country Estate this afternoon for my sneak preview of the freshly decorated bedroom and dressing room.  OMG!!!  All I can say is WOW, WOW, WOW!!  The dressing room is to die for and I could not stop saying WOW!!  Every girls dream would be to have a dressing room like this.  If you follow her blog then wait when she shares photos of this beauty.  I think I am going back when the curtains go up for a ribbon cutting opening Ceremony.  Honored guest is what I will be!!!  Wonder if we will do tea in posh cups and cup cakes?

♥♥ Enjoy your weekend ♥♥


The Webbers living a life at the beach said...

We so absobloominlutely will have tea in posh cups and teacakes and we must wear a hat! We'll look for some! :D

Vix said...

I love alfalfa! You're making me hungry!
That pencil case is fabulous! x