Friday, 14 September 2012

Project stool complete

The other day I scored this wee wooden stool for $5.  With plenty of my oil cloth still to be used I set to and covered the stool.  Between my staple gun, upholstery tacks and super glue I worked my magic.  Will confess however to gluing my fingers and spending a god awful amount of time with man soap also known as solvo scrubbing the glue off the ends of my glued fingers.  When I have a project I sometimes don't know when to stop.  Sort of like when I would dye fabric or clothes, I would be looking for more things to go into the dye.  Well I decided to pimp my deck chairs with flowers from the cloth I was using.  I am pretty happy with the end result.  Just now waiting for some really top weather so I can lounge about on my deck in my chair with my stool being used as a side table.

So this is a close up of my stool.  When I bought it I had left it by the counter at the op shop and as we, me and Sue W walked past it she says out loud " I just passed a stool".

I like using bar stools as side tables as you can saw the legs off to the height you want them.  Always on the look for a good wooden stool I am.  In fact I have one of those ones that you lift the lid part and there are stairs.  That will be the next thing to be pimped with oil cloth.  It has chrome legs so no flowers will be super glued on them.

The chairs with their flowers.

Finished my last garden box today with the help of TOF.   He let me have some of his precious compost that he brews up so 3 wheel barrow loads with 2 bags of topsoil and my garden is looking pretty good.  Half of it has Wild flower seeds sprinkled on it with Sweet Peas at the back.  The other half is going to have my beetroot in it.  Think we have rain on its way, like we haven't had enough?!

Have a lovely weekend