Monday, 29 October 2012

Detour was worthwhile!!

Heading into work this morning a took a slight detour so I could call in on the Hospice shop in the main street.  I like the back part of the shop, that is where the bargins are hiding.  My outdoor furniture came from there and many a good score has resulted from picking through all the stuff lurking out the back of this shop.
light off
Today I found a set of fab bedside lamps that just had to come home with me and only $8 each.  My plan was if TOF went OMG no way then I would flick them off but as luck would have it he is impressed.  So my old ones which are pretty cool can now go on trade me.  These are light weight wooden bases with shell like lamps.
light on

I also found the cute little Carlton ware leaf shaped dish fora mere $1!!!  If you are prepared to really look then you sometimes will find that bargin hiding amongst the over priced fodder on offer.

The ladies at the counter told me I always find the good stuff and I said it is just luck.

Carlton ware dish with my werthers in it

The round place mats and egg cosy were $1 for the set.  I have seen these before but left them.  The braid and ribbon flowers were $2 for the lot.  They will be great for zhooshing up a cardy.

Work was good today, rather busy for a Monday which made the day fly past.  Have another busy day planned for tomorrow with part of it being spent at Jaks cricket game.  I missed both games over the weekend so feel I should show some interest tomorrow.  Plus there are a few shops to check out near where he will be playing so it would be rude not to visit them. 

Arlo 3 and Kyden 6
My darling little great nephews came to visit on the weekend with my sister (their Granny).  They are such fun and they remind me of my boys when they were that age.  These two lads are getting a sibling next year because baby number three is on its way!!



Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Cool lamps! I'm glad we've put the Hospice shop on the list, it's been pretty good of late :D Such cute boys..

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...
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Vix said...

Those lamps are rather interesting, never seen anything quite like them.
What cuties those boys are. x

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Great scores! I think luck does play a part, but experience is everything!! And persistence! There are loads of batgains to be had. Well in Hamilton anyway!!