Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Thumbs up for the Sunny day

There is nothing quite like waking up to a beautiful sunny day to make you feel good about life.  Then there is the teenage son that had to be "special" when I wanted a photo with him all dressed up in his Number Ones for Cricket today.  He said, don't put that on face book, I said ok.  This isn't face book is it??  He forgot to text when he was bowling so I missed seeing him get a wicket and he didn't get to bat as they whipped the other schools private bottom!!!  I dropped him off this morning and my plan was to kill time round some shops before I got the text to go to the game.  I visited only 4 places but had set myself a task to keep things to bargin prices only.  I did rather well I think.

All of this for the grand total of $3-50!!!  

Basket 50c
Egg cups 20c each
Toast rack $1
Letter holder $1

It was such fun trying to find the best priced things and things that "I" liked.

Today was a beautiful warm 25* and had a light breeze.  No wonder everything in my garden is growing super fast.  With all the rain and now the warmth, just about everything has burst into flower.  My Sweet Peas and Poppies are competing in the height stakes and are going to give a grand show when they reach the top of the climbing frame.  Variegated leaves, buds, and blooms were everywhere and willing me to grab my camera, all ready to pose of course.



Mother Nature has out done herself in my garden this year.  Just about everything is self sown, grown from seeds or cuttings, or I have bought it off this lady who grows everything herself.  No garden centre used here.  I am totally loving my Buddha hiding in my front garden, discretely keeping an eye on the comings and goings at our house.  Hopefully I haven't bored you senseless with the overdose of gifts from my garden!!  Fingers crossed that the Sun will return in the morning and hang about for a few more days.  Hope your week is going grand so far!!

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Vix said...

Your garden is beautiful and that Buddha's head is exquisite. Well done with your bargains.
My bro's off to NZ next year as part of the Barmy Army! x

Misfits Vintage said...

Yay for lovely flowers!!! And for boys doing sporty things! Sarah xxx

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Good bargain buying! I collect egg cups like that when I see them.. and only in those colours! The kids love playing with them in the bath!
I saw a desparate plea on facebook from my nephew the other day 'Need some number ones!' He goes to HBHS too..
Have you ever tried out picmonkey? YOu can make fab collages - your garden shots would look awesome. It's free.