Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Getting all geared up for Summer

So with the smell of Summer just around the corner, and all my recent Picnic related purchases, I decided I should knit a cosy for my little tea pot.  I remembered some wool I had come across in an op shop last year that would be perfect for such a job.  Out came my needles and on with the project in mind.  Must say I am pretty impressed with my effort as I haven't knitted anything for quite some time and just made it up as I went along.  Basically all I ended up doing was two rectangles of 2 x 2 rib and then crocheted a chain for the draw cord.  It matches all the Duraware I got last week and I also used the wee knitting yarn container.  All thoughts of passing this on have now passed as it is a magic device.  So if someone could get a message through to Summer for me, I am all ready to go picnic-ing with TOF in the sunshine!!
Monday was another busy day in the shop.  Ever since there was a wee write up about the shop in our local paper we have had lots of lovely newbies calling in.  I love it when the shop is full of people buzzing about and having a good old spend up.  I needed to call back into the shop today to pick up some lovely CASH as some things I had in the shop had sold.  On my way I stopped outside the Hospice shop in the main street and as luck would have it this outside table and chairs was out the back and I got it (not the umbrella) for $65!!  Stoked!!!  My umbrella is to die for and I got that last year for $10 at Habitat, it is green and white stripes with old flowers all over it.  Back to the out door furniture.  I managed to fit all the chairs that fold into the back of my wagon.  I was having trouble unscrewing the table top from the legs so I came home and got TOF.  Just needed some MANpower on the end of the screw driver for the last 3 screws.  Home it came, put it back together and it now lives down the back where my old hexagonal table was.  Max is going to have that down at the flat.  Him and his mates spent many a night sitting around that table having a few quiet drinks so it seems only fare that it should move to his flat.  Of course there were a few small purchases that accompanied the outdoor gear.

I found a book on Ribbon Embroidery that was only $1 and could be quite nice to have a bash at.  An old tea towel with a crocheted edge, $4, and a small tin with a George Stubbs painting on the lid, 50c.  I know SuesDay isn't until tomorrow but if you don't get things when you see them the likelihood of them still being there when you go back is slim.  I had a quick trip around Habitat and came out with these.

TS colourful tunic dress $7-50, wicked basket $7-50, and a spotty skirt $5.

Looking forward to tomorrow as I am getting a long overdue haircut.  Contemplating something different but who can tell, could just be similar to now but tidier!!  See you tomorrow with a full report from SuesDay!!



Vix said...

What a score on the garden furniture! What kind of idiot would get rid of such a thing? Love the wicker basket adn the tea cosy rocks! x

Misfits Vintage said...

Love everything - especially the WICKED BASKET! Your knitting is fabularse! Sarah xxx