Tuesday, 9 October 2012

The Tutu Challenge

My most favourite Tutu picture of all time has just been blown out of the water by the lovely Sarah from misfitsvintage.com who put out the challenge today from the land of Oz for Tutu's and Tea cups. 

The gorgeous Sarah has now taken first place turfing poor Marilyn to the side!!!!

Right now for the challenge, it is  11:30pm and dark outside but hey I like the odd challenge especially one I think I can have a crack at!!

I may well take out the "oldest Tutu wearer" in this one.  Not really a Tutu but it will do-do!!!

Sneaky little dance in the dark!!

Right you are, I'm off to bed!!!



Vintage Bird Girl said...

Good on you for joining the tutu tulle extravaganza! I completely agree that Sarah Misfit looks beautiful in that photo. Your skirt is super pretty too.

Helga! said...

Fabulous,darling!! You are TOTALLY rocking it! No twee for us old girls,we just rock it OUT!