Friday, 5 October 2012

I was lead into temptation again!!

I had only one reason to go out today and that was to pick up and pay for my new Egg holder that I won on trade me.  Holds two dozen eggs so hop to it girlies and start laying heaps!!  The place I went to for this just happened to be across the road from a group of shops that had two op shops.  And it would have been silly not to have popped my head in the doors for a quick look see.  While in one of these shops and the only customer I could hear a phone ringing, I carried on as it wasn't mine.  The ladies working there looked at me and go "I think that's you". I'm like, nah that's not mine it doesn't ring like that!!   Stuff me it was TOF's phone which had been left in my bag from last night.  Oooops sorry!!!  Missed that call so thought I should deliver his phone to him at his work. Which incidentally he finished up there today.  So back on looking for another job.  He finds out about a job he really wants next week so cross everything with me and lets hope it all works out.  Otherwise I might have to get a real job, perish the thought!!  Back to delivering the phone, I changed my mind as I got side tracked by oppies, lots of oppies and even the Dump shop. I really need to learn how not to give into the temptation of visiting these places.   Will admit to having a lovely time and finding some of the things on my list from the other day.  I also delivered a boot of Bs and Ps to Habitat so I feel quite virtuous.

Ticked off the list today were the little teapot and bread board for my picnic basket $3 each.  Then I found the dog tin for 50c, tall tin for $2, cool little shaker for $1 and the fabric which is like oil cloth so perfect for the table I got yesterday,and only 50c for a reasonable length.  I was looking for a tea cosy for my little pot, but have decided I will have a crack at knitting one.  Cannot be too difficult and I am sure I have wool stashed somewhere.

I have always loved this picture, ($5) The Gleaners by Jean-Fracois Millet.  I loved Art History at school.  Then I found this wicked oil cloth satchel for only $4, pretty stoked, love the bright colours.  My Tablet and books will fit nicely thanks inside this.

Sleeveless top in rich purple with lavender and white detailing $3, perfect for the pending summer.

Gorgeous tea towel for 50c, a must for any picnic basket.

Hope all my stuff fits into my basket and I can lift it!!  Note to self, stop now!

Heading home I whipped into Spotlight for a leather necklace thingy to put a silver and gem stone dangler on and I found myself gravitating to a piece of quilted fabric I saw the other day.  Was $39-99, but now on sale for $27-99.  I still considered this to be a tad much so found the shops magazine worth $1 that has a coupon on the back for $10 off when you spend over $20.  Problem solved, price now only $17-99.  Done deal.

When I got home I remembered how I had a similar one.  So now I'm thinking along the lines of joining them side by side to make a PICNIC RUG!!!!

The one on the left is today's buy.

Weekend tomorrow, hope you all have a fun one.  Me and TOF have cricket to go watch, Jak's first game of the season, as Sue W would say "top hole".  Well actually she wouldn't say that about cricket, she says something quite different that would require to be majorly censored if I told you.  Lets just say she has declined my invite to come to an all day game.

Goodnight all

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Vix said...

That egg storage thingy is lovely, what a fab find!
You are doing well with your picnic stuff, hope you get a better summer than we did, no chance of using any of my hoard! x