Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Haircuts, lunch and a bit of shopping

I look angry but I aren't, tired more than anything!!!  Today was SuesDay so I wore Dress op shopped from a couple of weeks ago and used my new basket.  Surprisingly everything I need fitted perfectly into it so it is a keeper.  We were off out of here by 9:30am this morning and circumnavigated the cities op shops before going to Sue's JC meeting.  After that we took in a half dozen more before we went to my hairdresser for a tidy up.  I was thinking something different but just went for "tidy up my mess" and clickety click I was done!!  Deb is so booked up that we have had to book our next clean up for before Xmas.  I hate that, the countdown to Xmas so early.  Everyone treats it like the world is going to explode that day.  More likely people with a over full belly of Xmas cheer!!!  It was now just after 2pm and we hadn't eaten so we ended up at this really nice Cafe called "Cinnamon".  Lunch was super and I would so go back.

Sue all rock star/model wearing her sunglasses inside while "doing lunch".  The divine food, and me about to attack it before I died.

This hat was far to nice to leave behind.  I may wear it but then again with Races coming up there is a good chance I will on sell.  Couldn't resist the wooden statue.  Retro cheese and cracker board,  love the tile, and 2 vintage National Geographic magazines  for my dear friend Lou-lou-belles daughter Prairie.  1963 and 1973.

These skirts are just below the knee type and pretty dam fine.  Oh and there is the hat on!!



Vix said...

That dress you're wearing totally rocks and that hat is a brilliant find, too. Loving the skirts and Sue being all rock star in her shades! x

Anonymous said...

Prairie here, thank you SO much for the National Geographics!!! I'll be able to do some good collaging with those!

Helga! said...

O,I love that basket!!!
Now,the cheeseboard is fabulous,and way better than the one I was eyeing up the other day at the Shabby Chic market!
The hat will most certainly sell, it's gorgeous, and just the thing to keep the sun off someones drunken face! I don't go to the races,do you?
Bugger christmas.Vix and I are both BAH HUMBUG about it........ugh!!