Thursday, 1 November 2012

Loving this sunny weather

If the weather we have been having lately is an indication of the summer to come, I say "Bring it on"!!!  I love summer.  Everyone is so much happier when the weather is good.  I love throwing open the french doors on my deck and letting the breeze drift through the house.  Burn some incense, put on some music and faf about.  Summer is goooooooooood!!!!!!!  

The other day I got a Farmers voucher for $20 in the mail.  Our power company give you brownie points on your power account.  The last lot I redeemed on a voucher.  Armed with this I ventured in to one of the many Farmers stores we have in Hamilton, well we have 3 which seems excessive in my mind.  I spent my voucher on this little lot.
Food covers buy one get one free so both for $7, love the spotty one, the other is white lace.  Russian doll coffee mugs, same deal so both for only $5, retro serviette dispenser was on the sale table for $10, egg timer  was $5 and the spud peeler was only $2.  Yeah I know I went over the voucher amount but hey, what the hell, I was on a slight spending roll at the time!!

Found this delightful Mexican embroidered red dress at a second hand store on the T straight called Look Smart today.  I have lusted after these dresses, so the fact that it is slightly tight over the breast department made me debate the purchase of it.  I have been trying to drop a bit of weight of late so if I keep up my good work (7.5kg so far) this beautiful dress will fit soon.  It was $12 but it is brand new and I LOVE it.

I ventured out to our big as shopping mall also as I had seen these rather cool solar lights in the Warehouse junk mail.  Needless to say I couldn't decide between the Lanterns or the Jandals.  No brainer really, got both!!

The Jandals soaked up the sun all afternoon and are currently still glowing.

They are draped through a huge Yukka I have in a large pot on the deck.  10 Jandals in total and they look spectacular when you set them to Flash!!

I cannot wait for summer to really be here so I can hang up all my lights out doors, dress my tables and spend most of my time kicking back outside.

There was NO SuesDay this week as the other Sue had things to do.  But we are joining forces tomorrow so I guess it could end up being a "Frock on Friday".  It is definitely Frock weather so maybe a Frock will be dragged kicking and screaming from my Summer Wardrobe. 

♥♥♥ Summer ♥♥♥

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