Friday, 2 November 2012

A Frocking Good Friday!!!

SuesDay didn't happen so we had a Frock Friday instead!!  Before we ventured on out there was a bit of hamming it up for the camera!!

I wore the following (for the photo)

Dress op shopped
Crop cardy trade me
Shoes op shopped
flower retail $2 shop
Bling retail on sale
glasses trade me
hat retail on sale

My pole dancing friend wore a totally op shopped ensemble and did her best to work the short pole!!!

I then opted for sensible shopping shoes and less blingage as I don't think the shops we were heading to were quite ready for me on an OTT moment!!!

Plan was to take in some places we haven't been to for a while and a few regulars.  The plan worked well and the day was frocking great thanks!!!

We stopped off at a Garden Centre where Sue got the ultimate sales lady and next thing we had a trolley full of Rose bushes!!!  Pretty sure we were supposed to be getting tomato plants??!!  But the roses were bloomin' lovely like!!  Quite nice to wander about a garden centre on a nice day.  I must admit to thinking how much money I have saved by growing so much from seedlings and by purchasing plants from Trade Me.

This rather cool sign is at Demolition Traders a place I have never been to as TOF always says NO!!  If you were renovating an old Villa or the likes it would be the perfect place to find stuff.  We were looking for door handles and some how walked out with tiles.  Care to explain Mrs Webber??

I managed a few finds today, mainly summery clothes as I was feeling rather summery in my Frock!!

Short dress $4, short sleeved cardi $3, over dress $4.

Red plastic fantastic ice bucket with tongs for $1!!!

This gorgeous short dress/long top was from a quirky retail shop at a mall that is half new stuff and the other half is second hand.  Love the colours and more than my bargin buys but just so nice and cool.

It was so nice to get Frocked up and I hope all you bloggers that regularly Frock up on a Friday are impressed with our efforts today!!!

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Vix said...

The pair of you look fabulous and a great addition to the frocked up Friday brigade, x

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Right so we got Suesday on a Wednesday and do ya reckon we can keep up the Frock on a Friday as well?? lol :D Joe was impressed with my jugs et...oops I'm mean Jug set! :D

Helga! said...

You sexacious bints!!!
You look gloriARSE,and a fine addition to Frocked Up Fridays!!!
Watch it on that pole,baby,if it's not lubed up enough you'll chafe!!!