Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Lets have a catch up

I just realised that tomorrow is the half way point of the working week, that is if you work!!  Time to recap the last few days.

On Saturday I took a couple of TV's and a box of glasses round to Habitat as all were surplus to requirement round here.  Problem is when you drop stuff off you drop it at the big loading bay and there is always something there to TEMPT you.  For example these Buxus topiary trees in terracotta pots.  Only $15 each which is fanbloodytastic when the cheapest I have seen is $75 each on Trade Me.  The dear old dudes loaded them into my car for me as they weigh a ton.  Then I needed TOF to get them out of the car when I got home and place them at the front door like so.  No way I was going to be able to sneak these in without him noticing!!  He did say "I thought you were dropping stuff off".  Now Tex can eat his meals tucked in behind the one on the right, private table for one that would be!!  The rest of that day was spent watching Jak play cricket (yawn) and then wrapped in a blanket on the couch as the weather turned slightly cold.  Sunday was glorious so it was an at home day for me, faffing about in my garden, making the most of the sunny weather.  I had planned to go to the Hamilton Gardens to look at all the Scarecrows that were in a competition but never quite got there.  Me and Sue W are going to have a crack at making a scarecrow each so I was going for ideas and inspiration.  I have the clothes and the desire to make one already!!

Monday was here before I could say goodnight on Sunday!!  The shop was humming all day with lots of lovely people.  Quite like the elderly lot because they are the ones taking the trip down memory lane when they are in there. They are so funny to listen to.  I had two hilarious old birds in there that had me in stitches!! This pottery lady took my eye and will eventually come home with me.  The striped part at the bottom is a dish so her "Frock" is the lid, so cool.

The most amazing wedding dress is in the shop.  Normally a wedding dress wouldn't even turn my head but it is all the lovely tulle and the flowers!!

Today I ended up doing my bits and bobs round home and then got a call to go country.  Dawn had a few new things to photograph so off I set with my camera.

These crazy cups are for an exhibition she is doing early next year that she will call "The mad potters tea party".  They will go with the crazy tea pots she made and some of her clocks.  So I spent some time sketching ideas for things to make, and will help with the under glazing when needed.  That is the fun part where you paint all the designs and colours on.  I drew a candelabra, vase, serviette container, sugar bowl and spoon and lots of other quirky things. I will help make bunting, napkins and rag rug place mats.  And of course I shall go take photos when it is all set up.  I quite like having something happening ages away that I am looking forward to!!

Another old gal, a half VW Combie Van, and the wickedest clock covered in spots and frogs.

Most of my gardening inspiration has come from her place, and it is looking lovely.

Wistful Wisteria

Calves sheltering under an old tree

Harry Hedgehog

The coolest plant

Sunbathing dogs

Tomorrow should be SuesDay but Jak has an important cricket game that I am going to go to at St Peters a rather posh school.  Might even wear a FROCK!!!  Definitely taking my floral sun umbrella and a moon chair.  If his team wins this game they will be off to Christchurch for a tournament.  Aunty Helga you can go in my absence!!!  This school is so posh that to get to the Cricket ground and Pavilion you drive past the Equestrian centre and stables, past the Golf Driving Range and the accommodation. How nice!!  Maybe a Friday Frock day with Mrs W will be on the cards instead of SuesDay as those shops will need a visit.

Forgot to tell you that on Sunday I listed some things on Trade Me to sell.  Amongst the things were my twin dolls that I got over 40 years ago one Christmas.  My mum and my best buddies mum sent to England for these dolls and knitted all the clothes.  Mine were called Judy and John while Leonie's were called Jack and Jill.  We even had matching pushchairs to walk our twins around the neighborhood, we didn't half think we were the bees knees.  With no daughters of my own and grand kids a few years off I thought I may as well sell them so that a lover of old dolls could have them.  Starting bid was $40 and with in minutes a lady from Christchurch (not Helga) asked for a buy now.  I put a cheeky $100 up and bang, they were sold.  This lady is also already bidding on 2 of my other old dolls.  All this lovely money will put food on the table and petrol in my car.  Who needs a job?!



Vix said...

Those sunbathing dogs are hilarious!
Great score on the trees, they cost lots here, too.
Much as I loathe anything wedding related that frock is ace especially dyed flamingo pink and worn with wellies to Glastonbury.
It's crazy about people's obsession with dolls. I sold my childhood Sindys and Pippas and made enough money for the pair of us to go to India for a month! xxx

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Those plants will look much better on my front door step! :D Funny dawgs haha and we got an hour in today, better than nuffink! :D Glad you sold those dolls they are fecking scary!