Monday, 26 November 2012

and on the seventh day we rested??

Not bloody likely!!  Me and TOF got cracking in the garden!!  He was armed with a saw and cutting branches off my two big old trees with a glint in his eye that could only mean trouble.  Me being the fun sponge put a stop to his pruning of limbs as I suspected he would get carried away and the trees could be at ground level if left unsupervised!!
We have one of those mulcher machine things and I had an enormous amount of fun feeding the small branches and twigs into it.  Ended up with some lovely jubbly mulch for my garden and for the girls enclosure.
With some of the big branches I have laid them out on the ground where I now intend to make another resting spot.  Hopefully tomorrow I will go and get some bark or something similar and set to and make this all happen.  Thinking along the lines of a Lavender Hedge across part of the front, so it is a secret but fragrant area.  I laid my cobbles along the edge of my buxus hedge and then placed mulch under the plants.  Sunday was such a primo day that I got the big sun umbrella out and put it up.  Fab sized brollie and quite like the floppy edge.  The other big table by the sweet peas has a huge Red umbrella.  I have a funky old floral umbrella for the wrought iron furniture.  While we were busy in the garden I realised the dogs were missing in action.  Guess where I found them?
Apparently our bed is their bed!
Today I managed to sneak into the Hospice shop on my way to work.  I quite like a cheeky look when passing by.  Lots of people in the my shop today but not alot of spenders.  Loads of teenage girls, I guess because the high school lot have pretty much done all their exams now, and they are free as birds to do what they want.  

I picked a huge bunch of Sweet Peas for the shop this morning.  My car smelt so nice after having them along for the ride!!
Today I wore an entire outfit of second handness!!  Another layered look.  Love my shoes, they arrived this morning in the post, having been purchased off trade me last week.
So hard to decide what to wear when the weather cannot make up it's own mind on what it is going to do.  In fact I thought it was quite muggy today, either that or I am still some what menopausal!!!

Today's scores are, 

Another set of Russian Dolls to add to my collection.

Small Buddha head for the Garden.

Set of three cute little paintings, in plastic frames that I will probably replace with wooden ones when I find some.

Just remembered if I want to get bark I will need a trailer.  Not sure how I will go towing one of them?!  But I shall give it my best shot!!

Good Night, Sleep Tight

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Vix said...

Love your layered outfit and can totally believe the cheek of those darling dogs. The cats will snaffle our seat if we just get up to turn a lamp on! xxx