Wednesday, 28 November 2012

I gardened until dark

My plan to get some bark went through perfectly, and I even managed the trailer part. The rather good looking young man at Captain Compost was most helpful.  I actually asked him where his cape and mask was, as in  "da da da daaaa, Captain Compost to the rescue"!!!  He loved the idea but didn't know what his boss would think.  Bugger the boss. He would look good in tights too, I might add!!! I had the assistance of my teenager with getting the trailer round the back, nothing like a bit of muscle provided by the youth to push it down the drive.  I need to go back today for one more scoop of bark to finish off this area and I have plans for another part of the garden which will be revealed on its completion.  Staging for a photo is all part of the deal so due to this gardening not finishing until early evening, I went for candles.  If you follow my blog you may well remember the candle holder I found at Vinnies some time ago and I think it looks perfect on this table.  Off to get more bark so toodle pip!!!


Vix said...

It's looking great and yes, I do remember that lovely candle holder! x

Helga said...

Captain Compaast?! Snigger!! Young MAN in tights and a cape, bestill my twitching loins!!!
Ahem, yes, the candle holder, it is indeed rather perfect in that splendid little spot! Bring out the cocktails,darl!

Helga said...

whoops, COMPOST!

Unknown said...

It's seriously FABULOUS! How's the spare room coming? I like lots of vintage blankies, a lovely hot wheat bag and a sunny outlook. And perhaps a dog or two for company! Sarah xxx