Thursday, 29 November 2012

Garden all done, so time for some oppies

All done and dusted with my laying of bark and I must say I am  pretty tickled with the end result.  I haven't told TOF that alot of his old fishing and surfing magazines are under the bark!!  Ran out of newspaper and I was on a roll so something had to give.  And it was TOFs mags that did the giving!!!
Added bark to the spot to the left so it all ties in and looks like it has been like this for ever.  
Oscar thought rolling about in the bark was a super idea.  Dirty wee bloke needed a brush and a bath after that!!
I have a planter box that my dad  made me years ago so I have put half a dozen lavender plants in it and placed it in a gap on the bark.  I was reading how it is important to have flowering plants like lavender in the garden so the bees come along and do their bit. So come on down all you Bees!!
My little Buddha head is resting in a gap on the fence and the Pottery Pixie head, made by Dawn is resting under a tree.
I also planted a black current plant opposite my blackberry so we will be in berry heaven when all of these berry up!!
I would love you all to come and do tea or some other beverage in my garden one day. There are so many, well 3, seating areas now so I can have me a party!!
Just wait until I get my fairy lights and candles in position.  My garden will be rockin'.

No play dates have been had this week as my mate is busy redecorating the rental cottage on their life style block.  But as I have been out doing things I have been calling in on some of my favourite haunts as I pass by.  Tomorrow I am heading out to play with clay so will no doubt stop off at a couple more.  The Dump or Dumporium as it was called the other day is on my hit list. But this is what I have collected so far.
Cute as pink flutter board was only $2 and will be very cool in my pool when I put it up this summer.  Embroidered bag $1, fabric $1, purple lamp $5.  3 climbing Geranium plants for $3 each, hot pink, white and blood red, perfect for my garden.  Assortment of tops ranging from $5 to $7.  Red Mary Jane shoes $6.

My little basket is very handy for collecting the gifts from my girls.  And it also shows the size of the basket, so very cute, perfect for egg collecting.
My next project is to have a crack at making my scare crow.  I have Googled for ideas and feel confident to give it a crack.  I have two branches, clothing, some where to put it, just need straw.  Might go visit Captain Compost and see if he has some scraps for me!!

Friday tomorrow, yahoo!!!  If you try really hard you can almost see the weekend!!

Good night


Vix said...

Your garden is looking stunning, you should be proud, it's gorgeous!
Loving the woven bag and that sweet basket. The rainbow striped hoodie is Nepalese, I used to buy them in bulk and sell them to the festival crowd! x

Helga! said...

It's all looking super fabularsehole, baby! You can be very proud of yourself, and a special mention to TOF for his contribution!
YAY to great scoring (the red shoes look especially awesome) and YAY to slapping Catain Compast about a bit...well, I presume you're going to! Or make a grab for his nuts, young MAN!

Misfits Vintage said...

Your garden is looking AMAZING! Love your treasures - especially the fab bag and the cutest basket ever!

Sarah xxx