Friday, 30 November 2012

Potted about and even got my hands dirty

Most mornings I am lucky enough to be able to have a fresh poached egg on a bit of Vogels bread.  Toasted twice to get crunch!!  I reckon a poached egg sets me up for the day and I always thank the girls for their daily efforts of providing my breakie!!!

Today I was off out taking in the Dumporium and one other op shop, before arriving at Dawns.

Poor wee Taz has broken her foot and is now sporting a hot pink cast.  She is in lock down for 6 weeks so is upstairs in her own room with an en suite (dirt box), smorgasbord (biscuits and water) and a comfortable bed to rest and recover from her injury.  I found her on the top bunk the little minx!!!
I got down and dirty with some clay today and made my salad bowl (which is upside down and drying) and an assortment of things to hang on my garden wall.  I am going back out tomorrow to  do some touch ups on my work and make the plate to go under the bowl.  During next week I may well get to under glaze.  Seriously a huge amount of fun, I also has a crack at making a plaster of paris mold, which I will check out in the morning.  If it has worked I will blog it.

The half Combie Vans top and bottom are presents and the Poppies and small van are commissions.  The small van is actually a bird house.

Before Dawn played with clay she painted.  These are all she has left in her house.  Very talented woman is my Dawn.

The Artist at work, and an assortment of bits she has made.  Except she didn't make the hairy guy in her garden but he is truely gorgeous all covered in cobwebs.  It was a beautiful day in the country side and I loose track of time when I am out there.  But I had to leave as I needed to pick up more pavers so I can keep going in my garden.  And of course a couple more shops were on my travel path and it would have been rude not to pop in. Here is my latest lot of goodies.

The groovy basket I did get the other day but forgot to share but the rest is fresh!!
The star tea light holders I have had for a while also, now I look like a fibber!!  BUT the hanging thing is new and perfect for the job of hanging the stars.

Healthy lunch of salad bits from Dawns garden with ham and a Passion fruit Vinaigrette. 


Wild flowers out in the country growing on the side of the road.  Just wanted to go lie down amongst them all but not sure how the farmers would have coped with such frivolity!!!

Happy Weekend


Vix said...

Oh, poor Taz! Look at that plastered foot, I could cry!
Love those pottery Combis. You could make a mint selling them at VW festies! Having one to double as a bird bath is sheer brilliance.
You really need to get to India, those glass stars are on every street corner. You'd never be able to carry al your purchases back! xxx

Misfits Vintage said...

Poor kitty! The kombis are bloody brilliant - the salad looks YUM and the wildflowers are GORGEOUS!!! Happy weekend! Sarah xxx

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Fresh egg poached = heaven! I miss my chooks when I see that!

Love that corner basket.

Hope you had a wicked weekend.