Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Mother of the Year 2012

After enduring  enjoying 7 hours at Cricket today I stand a dam fine chance of taking that award out this year!!!

Seriously though, it was a perfect day for a jolly good game of the old cricket.  St Peters is a beautiful school just oozing money.  I set up camp on the hillside with a perfect view of the pitch with my spotty brollie and a comfy deck chair.  Please to say I DID NOT fall asleep this time!!!

According to those in the know my Jak did great with his bowling.  I know he got a wicket on his first ball so that was pretty impressive.  But long story short the lads pulled up short and did not win so will not be representing Waikato Secondary Schools down in Christchurch.  What a sad bunch they were too and a quiet trip home it was.  Me being me and looking for the up side said "well you did come second".  Apparently not helpful, and need time to mull over the loss.  Enough said from me.
In case you don't know Jak is the one leaping in the air to the left in both photos.

He was telling me that when he was fielding there was a bunch of chickies that go to St P that knew him that kept trying to put him off the game by telling him he has a nice arse!!

View from beneath my umbrella

Now before I even went to this game I had been on a quick dash to a few op shops with Sue W.  It was a very abbreviated SuesDay but good.  I found this most delightful hat to take to Cricket!!  Only yesterday while I was out and about in the morning I found another hat that I got that was going to be perfect for cricket.  Then I found this.  Can you have too many hats in summer?  I think not!!  Especially when they are so dam spectacular.

Dressed in Purple and dirty green it was a toss up as to which one to take.  Ended up with the one above as it was too nice to leave behind.

Now that summer seems to be trying to stick around hats are going to be a must.  I hate getting sun burnt, so I will be a slip slop slap gal for another year.  As in slip on a cover up, slop on some sun block and slap on a hat!!

I also found the string of wooden hearts yesterday 50c, tea towel $1, pottery pot $1 and of course the olive green hat $6.

With SuesDay being a mini one we shall have a friday outing, of the Frock variety!!  May even wear a hat!!

My brother in law was over from Whangamata yesterday and called in for a cuppa and a catch up.  He bought a gift from my sister Helen - string of shells.  It is hanging out on my deck and some of the beautiful white sand has even fallen out of some of the shells.  Rather like having some beach on my deck!!

I sent him back to the beach with 3 tomato plants I had grown and some eggs from the girls.

Sure hope your week is cruising along nicely like mine.

Good night


Vix said...

I'm so jealous of that glorious sunshine and the need to wear a hat to protect yourself from the rays rather than to stop your ears freezing off! x

OP SHOP MAMA said...

That's a great hat that you found!! Love the tea towel and those hearts look like a christmas deco waiting to happen!
Cool shell thing. Love a bit of kitsch shell action, me!

Cricket does go on a bit, but can be addictive! The idea of sitting on my arse doing nothing at all is VERY appealing to me right now! John and I used to go to the cricket with a hamper and mags, books and knitting (me) on a regular basis.. BEFORE kids of course!!