Monday, 3 December 2012

Right, where were we again??

It is true that the older you get, the quicker the time flies by!!  Sometimes it feels like the weekend didn't happen it goes so fast.  But by Monday I am starting to remember what I did do on Saturday!!!
I took my gorgeous mouse (made by my clever friend Lou-Lou-Belle) out to get up close and personal with the pottery.  She did her own photo shoot actually and quite frankly Ms Mouse rather liked all the attention!!
After her time in the lime light, I got on with tidying up my bits I had made the day before and constructing the plate to go under the bowl.  Totally buzzing I ended up making a vase.  This sounds all so hum hum I am sure but when it is all tarted up with glorious colour and cooked I will blow your mind with my dabble in pottery.  I am stoked with what it is like so far, and there is a good chance I will be back in the studio completing my projects this week.  Woo Hooooooo!!!!!
TOF went all cave man on Saturday and hit the high sees hunting for food to feed the family!!!  On the water at 8am and back in by 11am with the quota of scrumdiddle fish.  This one was about 4.8kg and was delicious it was with a salad from the garden.   I took a smoked fish down to the son and his flat mates on Sunday afternoon and we have had a couple of seriously nice meals.  I could eat fish every second day I could.
Speaking of TOF he got offered a job the other week and started it today.  Looking more permanent than the last few so things could be looking up.  Crikey I may not have to find work at this rate.  Good news also is that Jak is taking up a building apprenticeship starting January 7 next year.  So no more school fees!!!  After the crappy year we have endured this year with work etc all of us are looking forward to 2013.  Onwards and upwards!!!
Saturday was a beautiful day, so much that I put up all the brollies for a look see at the backyard.  Looking good I think.  We have a table for two, table for four, and a family table.  Time for a small dinner party???
I let the girlies out and they were helping themselves to Raspberries, but we won't tell TOF.  Eggs should taste fruity this week!!
I keep picking the sweet peas and it is encouraging more to bloom.  I have a huge vase of them in the lounge.  I normal burn Vanilla candles but no need with these flowers in the house.

Monday kicked in this morning!!  Today I ventured off to work wearing an apron dress that crosses over at the back over another dress.  Hard to describe and actually rather tricky to photograph.  But it has these 3D fabric flower things on it and pockets and its dam comfy.  Got it at the Salvo last week, and have a pattern similar so I may well whip another one up.
The wooden thing is a slanted foot stool and perfect for under the desk where the computer is to rest my tootsies on while computing. A bargin $3 from the Salvo.  Quite exciting this afternoon, when I got home my calenders I had made on Vista had arrived.  I  used photos from when me and Sue W went to the Hamilton Gardens.  I even have all the family occasions printed on it. $9-99 for one and for another $6 I could get a second one.  One for the kitchen and one for the loo.  Super cool fun to do, tempting to whip up more for gifts, but far too late for Xmas, maybe just gifts because I can sort of gifts then.  Speaking of Xmas, I normally put my tree up on the first.  Didn't happen!!  Maybe during the week.  I am not a huge fan of Xmas but I do like my tree.

Enjoy your week won't you and I will catch up again later on.


Vix said...

Your pottery is gorgeous, made even better with the mousey model! x

Misfits Vintage said...

Ermahgerd your garden is looking AMAZING - I could spend many hour hours there with you, eating raspberries, shooting the shit and eating TOF's delicious fish and chips! Sarah xxx