Sunday, 9 December 2012

Who goes and gets themself a cold this time of the year??

ME!!!  Woke up this morning with the full on runny nose, and a dry mouth from breathing through it all night.  I decided against going to lunch with the Irish as I sound like a pig when I eat at the moment because my nose keeps blocking up, then unblocking and running.  So I stuffed tissues up my nostrils like snot tampons today as I was getting sick of it dribbling.

This morning while hanging out the washing in the glorious sunshine I noticed that some newbies have appeared in my garden.
My Bird of Paradise is flowering and so are my Gladiolas.  More vibrant colour out the back.
So many bees were buzzing their butts of in the garden blissfully unaware of the photographer that was stalking them.
Even my Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow shrub is looking fine.

After doing my domestics I decided I should tackle a few of my projects I had sitting about.  So with the music channel on the TV in surround sound I set to on the lounge floor armed with oil cloth and my staple gun.

Very pleased with how the octagonal stool and the coffee table turned out.

Finally hung the fly curtain in the chicken coup and the girls weren't to impressed.  But being food driven they were coaxed in through it with a snack!!
I rediscovered my two storied bird house that my dad made me years ago.  So it has been plopped up in one of my big trees.  Seen as I was on such a roll I set to and made my scarecrow!!
The cross is made out of branches from one of my trees, the clothes were op shopped and totaled $6-50 including the straw hat.  Small sack was $3 and I only used 1/2, and the pea straw I got off my niece.  TOF made the wooden box I have it standing in so I am going to add more soil and grow flowers underneath.
I may even make a small one for TOFs vege garden, but a bloke one!!
This morning Sheba was madly running around the back yard searching for her favourite old ball.  Unbeknown to me TOF had put it in the rubbish bin.  He reckoned it was well past being a toy but I told him it was her "Favourite".  A bit like a couple of his T-shirts that I want to bin as they actually are past being T-shirts and are more like rags.  Long story short, Sheba got her ball back.  One happy dog was she with her special chewed up has been ball.

It was so nice to have sunshine that I will admit to sitting in it doing diddle squat for part of my afternoon.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!!


Misfits Vintage said...

Nothing says glamour like snot tampons and diddle squats! Your garden is more gorgeous every day and I love the revamped table/magazine rack. Sarah xxx

Vix said...

Hope you feel a million times better soon. Always love visiting your garden, a riot of colour and fabulousness! x