Saturday, 22 December 2012

Hello all, still here in the world that didn't END!!!

How many times has the end of our earth been predicted and failed.  Mind you I think people got their wires crossed this time, as far as I could figure out the Mayans were talking about great change not the end.  Anyway, due to the fact that I can still post I shall!!

Last weekend TOF and I went out to Webbers for a party.  Their road is a gravel and dust bath near the last part and our red car came home with a dusting of country BROWN.  TOF has been on at me ever since about washing said car.  Even suggested I threw on a bikini and washed the car in front of the house.  Now I know a bikini will not fit me so how in the hell was one ever going to fit the car???
We have had the most humid weather of late with rain so I thought sod it all, lets just drive through a car wash.  Awesome idea and so much fun until I realised that the back window on the drivers side was slightly down and the interior was getting a super supreme mega wash for $12 also!!  Have you ever tried to lean backwards to wind a window up while water is pistalating in???  Funny actually!!  As my wee camera is always in my bag I am treating you to CAR WASH CAM!!
Of course as Murphy's law is Murphy's law, a bird will fly past within the next few days and shit itself all over the nicely clean red car so it will end up with white spots.   I like spots I do but not on my clean car.

Also during the week that didn't END I took the eldest son out for a haircut, a long over due haircut!!! No money for such things when flatting, once you have paid rent, paid other bills, purchased loads of booze, gone out all weekend, eaten takeaways, well hell there is just nothing left!!!  I am sure we have all been there at the same age.  This photo is of course pre clean up while he was taking my new chair for a test drive.
While out cleaning up his act I went to get Sheba a new ball and the lovely guys at the Lotto Soccer Shop gave me two that have slow leaks for FREE.  I kept offering to pay but they wouldn't have it. Sheba is beyond excited and needs both!!

Eldest son also got treated to 2 pairs of new jeans and 2 t-shirts.  Thank you Hallensteins for letting me put it on my account and for having some sterling deals to boot.

While out amongst the shopping mall that morning I visited the shop TYPO a bit of a favourite of mine.  Cheap and Cheerful it is.  I grabbed these post it note  flags for $2 which will be ideal when trawling through magazines and usually ripping paper to mark pages of interest.  Mine from now on will be FLAGGED!!

They also had a great deal on cards, mostly of the Christmas variety, 10 for $5 and let me say it was hard to choose!!  These will take me a good few years to get through as I don't send alot of cards but do like to put them with a gift.  I also photographed them and face booked some of them to friends.  Yes I too am  Cheap and Cheerful!!!

 I laughed quite a bit reading these, so perfect for so many people I know!!!
I am pleased to say I do not have to set foot near a shop or mall for a while so will happily be away from the crowds of panicking last minute shoppers and crazy drivers!!!  TOF and I have agreed not to do Christmas for each other, just the boys this year.  We shall think of other things to do instead of giving gifts. ?? Today was a Christmas lunch thing at my mothers place with part of my family.  According to my mother we are dysfunctional, sure we are, I say we are normal!!  Show me a family that gets on ALL the time.  One of my sisters lives at the beach and never comes over to join into Christmas or family stuff, and my other sister goes all out and loves it.  Me, I can take it or leave it.  I would rather we could get together during the year and get on.  Is that too much to ask??
And me being the most dysfunctional member at the moment went to the family lunch by myself today.  TOF poor lad is working away in Auckland all weekend, and tomorrow is his birthday.  Jak was working at the supermarket today and Max was major hung over from a late night out on the tiles.  My mother gave me that sucked lemon look but I just smiled and carried on.  My lovely nephew was there and my great nephews were there also.  Little kids make the silly season fun.  They certainly lighten the mood and make it more normal.  I gave my mother an assortment of things from a plant to snacky food things as in dried fruits, ginger etc the sort of stuff the old girl likes.  My sister and niece and nephew I gave home made by me jam which they were well made up with but protested because they had nothing for me.  I just don't see that as an issue.  Also gave the girls one of my pottery brooches each which they wore so I guess they liked them.  All I can say is thank god that is over.  Roll on Christmas day when I can chill out with MY FAMILY and we can and will be as dysfunctional as we want because we can!!!  Might even do some gardening!!

Certainly hope that where ever you are you are prepared, not panicking or stressing and have a lovely few days before the big one.  That would be Christmas now as the other Big one didn't happen.

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Vix said...

Look at Sheba and her balls, bless her. It's made me feel all warm and fuzzy just looking at her! xxx