Wednesday, 19 December 2012

SuesDay finale for 2012

To think this year is all but over.  The older I get the quicker the dam things fly by, and I am sure I am being ripped off because sometimes my weekends seem alot shorter than usual!!  Anyway, today was our last ditch effort at SuesDay for the year.  Plan was to head off early, and like all good planning, it WORKED!!  We did our usual round of shops wishing the folk we knew a Merry something or another!!
My assortment of goodies from today.  The most expensive thing was the shoes for $7 but they are almost brand new and awfully Kumfy!!  Everything else ranged from $1 to $5, but I seemed to be on a roll with $2 and $3 for reasons unknown to me.
The photo shoot took place on our return as time did not allow for it in the morning.  I wore some old as Paua jewellery that I have owned since my late teens.  My mullet dress had petticoat skirt under it, and crocheted shrug over it.  Teamed with sandals scored last week that I have cut the back strap off to make into slip ons.  The wind was blowing so we have ended up with that wind swept look!! My hair has a mind of it's own at the moment as I am in the process of trying to grow it, so it is at the not short, not long stage, awkward like a teenager!!
I won this chair off Trade Me and picked it up this evening.  It is either a mamasan or a papsan chair.  But what ever it is it is so comfy and perfect for reading a good book on the deck during the summer holidays. 

I stayed up very late last night wiring all the hangers onto my art work.  The red hearts are hanging on the grubby white poles on the deck and the rest are on the fence behind my gardens.  Pretty pleased with how they have all turned out and happy to have them scattered about the back yard.
I have already had a friend ask via face book if I wanted to sell the red hearts.  Sorry!!  But no.

I put together a posy of flowers from my garden to go in my new vase.  I added an assortment of beads on it last night.
I have a draw full of beads all sorted into colours and sets so I have plenty to chose from.  I have always made jewellery and faffed about with wire and beads.  All started back at high school when I would sit at lunch time with florist wire, love beads and pliers and make everyone anklets and bracelets.  I have got close to parting with all my beads but quite glad I have been a magpie and kept them stashed!!


Vix said...

Your flower arrangement in that gorgeous jug is an absolute masterpiece and I do love your creations.
You both look fab and scored big time! x

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Great day as usual even thought we nearly melted a bit! Thanks for my little pressie :D And NEVER get rid of your stash! Ever! Yeah we looked hot....bit sweaty too bahahah!

Anonymous said...

Love these! Especially the 'bugs eff off' one!