Wednesday, 5 December 2012

I should be building an Ark

We have had so much rain today that at this rate we may need to find some logs and start rounding up the animals, two by two I think.  I don't mind the rain as it is watering my garden, but I am running out of places to hang washing.  Even tho' it is wet it was still warm, like it is after 10.30pm and still sitting on 19*.  Nothing compared to Christchurch, land of Helga, they hit 30* according to the weather man on the box tonight.  But the rain did not stop my plans for the day.  Couple of Op Shops then off to under glaze my pottery.
Nice selections of goodies gathered today and yesterday.  I have been taking in op shops as I am on my way places.  Best score today would have to be the white painted cane shelves for $3.  Best find from yesterday would have to be the darling container in the photo below, lined in velvet, $3.  The book of poetry from around the world is A3 size and in mint condition.  I love books and have a stash of kids ones amongst my books.  I do like kid books that make me laugh.  I have one on puberty called "Hair grows in funny places" and another one titled "Why do dogs sniff bottoms".  Bring on the grandchildren!!!
None of my pottery to share but this buxom wench I have had on lay by at work.  She is about 23cm tall and her dress is the lid to a pot and her bloomers are the pot.  Far to gorgeous for her own good.
As for my pottery I spent the day decorating with glaze so it is all ready for the next stage.  No rush as it is all for me so no dead line there.
I went to my mothers place while she was out yesterday and took photos of her patchwork that she has made and is on the walls all over her house.  I have made the photos into a calender for her for Christmas.  Always hard to know what to give her as she has everything so this may just be a winner.  I have done it through Vista as I made one for me using the photos I took at the Hamilton Gardens.  May make one for Dawn yet with all her pottery in it.  Really easy to do and so personal.

This black bird is a regular in my back yard.  Cheeky bugger uses the bird bath as a loo!!  I think it has a nest in my old garden arch be cause it is hanging about it.
Wee Oscar was doing a spot of day dreaming the other day.  Love to know what is going on in his little mind some days.
One of my girls just chilling amongst the mulch in the sun.  These were taken on Monday afternoon I think. Could be wrong tho' but it wasn't today I do know that much!!

This gorgeous wee owl arrived in my mail box today from my darling friend the super talented fabric artist, Louise who I fondly refer to as Lou-lou-belle.
I shall have to drag my Chrissy tree out now and set to with my quirky decorating.  Not the most traditional decorating takes place but it is all pretty funky and has alot of hand made things that go on it each year. Like my Christmas lights are jandals!!

Now some great news.  Jak has left school and starting his Building apprenticeship on January 7th 2013, with my gorgeous nieces husband, a very talented builder.  


Hope you are all surviving the week and looking forward to the  weekend like me.

Rain you can stop now

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Vix said...

School fees? You have to pay for education in NZ? I know nothing!
Loving the owl and your fab pottery and hope that rain stops soon,. x