Thursday, 6 December 2012

Rain drops keep fallin' on my head........

...and the garden is ever grateful.

All my box gardens are just amping at the moment with all the rain and the warmness.  While we humans are well over the rain and the humidity, the plants are shouting "MORE"!!!!

My wild flowers have gone feral and are starting their take over bid on the beetroot and the other vegetables next to them.

TOFs strawberries are plentiful and ever so sweet. Under 24hr guard!

My flower garden is doing its bit to add colour to the back yard and the beetroot living happily amongst them is thriving.

My salad garden just keeps on producing.  The fennel is lovely and the girls are enjoying getting their fix of silver beet every other day.

While collecting the eggs this morning I managed to get a good handful of juicy Raspberries before the birds saw them.  There is a massive crop so I won't mind sharing the odd one with the birds.

Some of the flowers in my wild flower garden are gorgeous, like this delightful one.  Have no idea what it is but it is stunning.

One of TOFs many Strawberries just waiting to be picked and devoured.  He reckons he has counted them all, which wouldn't surprise me, but I'm not scared of him, he is all talk!!!  He left his lunch behind this morning so like the good little wifey that I am, I delivered it to him at his new job.  I visited a couple of shops while in the area but have nothing, nada, zip, zero, zilch to show you.

My garden is bloomin' gorgeous right now!!!  Pretty pleased to see that next years sweet peas are showing (seed pods).  The poppies just keep on flowering and the last lot are smaller.  The cornflowers and carnations are heavenly.  And as for my sweet peas, well what can I say??  My Zinnias are just starting to flower now too!!

I went and visited an old friend of mine today and her beautiful little grandson.  She looks after him 3 days a week while his mum works.  He is just over 1 and very cute.  He has a little brother on the way middle of next year.  My friends other daughter is having her first baby, a girl, with in a week of her sister.

Speaking of babies, my niece is having her 3rd baby mid next year as well.  Another boy for her.

Funny how all the young mums find out what they are having these days.  Now I am gonna sound old, ready?

"Back in my day....."

I never wanted to know what I was having as I always thought there weren't too many surprises in life so finding out everything about your baby on the day they were born was such excitement.  But things have changed, and that's how life should be.  Always changing.  When my boys get into the breeding game I am hoping they will have girls, just for me!!!! I wouldn't have minded a daughter but realise now there would of been some hell fights when they grew up!!  Don't think TOF would have coped as he finds the lack of clothes the young girls wear pretty daunting!!  I love my boys and that is what counts, hopefully they will end up with girls that "get" me, or I'm in trouble!!!  Who ever they pick I will be on my best behavior if I have to be and will go out of my way to get on.



Misfits Vintage said...

Your garden is looking AMAZING! And I am a baby free zone, but I'm with you - I would like one surprise if it were me!

Sarah xxx

Vix said...

Your garden is gorgeous. I'm craving raspberries adn strawberries now, there's only horrible imported stuff in the shops now, no flavour whatsoever!
My life is an intentionally baby-free zone but yes, I don't think I'd want to know either! x

Helga! said...

OMG,your garden is looking so divoon...berries! I adore all berries,I'd be scrabbling about stealing them all!
I would have wanted to know what i was having...but I have always known I just didn't have the urge.
I hope you many grand daughters to frock up! XXX