Thursday, 3 January 2013

When TOF is away Sumo came to play

Max's mate Devon got this wicked inflatable Sumo suit for Christmas. Devon is the one pole dancing!!  So we all had a turn doing our Sumo thing in the Sumo suit.  So much fun!!!!  Seriously we all played for a couple of hours and laughed so much!!!  Life is good when something so simple gives amusement to so many!
Before I could even begin to play I had made two lots of Jam with my berries.  Raspberry from this years crop and Blackberry from last years crop.  My Blackberry vine is smothered in trillions of berries so it was time to make Jam.  Hope to make some Strawberry Jam later tonight, but I have a lack of small jars.

But even before I made Jam I got some things in the post that I had ordered.  UV Lens protectors for my camera lenses and the best thing of all was the wireless timer.  Yes indeed it was time to play with my new toy, but I had to wait for the Sumo lot to leave!!!
Look close enough and you will see Oscar was taking a pit stop behind me in the middle picture!! (I had to crop that picture)
Yeya, I have a wireless timer!!!!  Totally lovin' it!!!

Ok enough of me and the dogs, but woohoo!!!!!!!!!!  Look out when SuesDay starts up again, we will be able to do our best Patsy and Edwina for you all.


Helga! said...

Yeaaaaaaaah, Patsy and Eddie!!!! Two of my favourite heroines! O,that wireless timer is a TREAT! I suspect I need one too, but luckily G is usually more than happy to play photographer for me.
That sumo suit is the BOMB! What a hoot! I'd love to roll about in it myself! Fun for all the family!
A splendid start to the new year,lovely! XXX

Laura@OurWeeFarm said...

omg that sumo suit is hysterical!!Does it blow up with air? lloyd had a fancy dress for his 50th and some folk had suits that inflated - there was a hulk and a cowboy on a horse.Very funny!!