Wednesday, 9 January 2013

In memory of my Dad

Hard to believe that 6 years ago today my dad passed away in his sleep.  Just as he always wanted, to just not wake up.  He used to say to me, "one day I am going to wake up and find myself dead".  I always would say back, "Dad you just won't wake up, so you won't know",  and then we would laugh.  So 6 years ago when he got his wish to pass away quietly at home in his own bed I thought how nice that was for him.  He was born on the 20th of October 1929 and lived a full and healthy life right up until the end.  He loved life and he taught me alot of things and I am so grateful for that and all the memories that I have.

Before he was married and a father he was a true bloke that totally loved life and everything that came with it.  And even once he was married his enjoyment of doing things stayed true.  He was still riding his beloved motorbike in his last year of being on this earth.

As an adult I can look back and see that he was a great husband and provider, fabulous dad, fun grandfather and a top father in law.  My two older sisters and I never really wanted for anything, he kept it real.

So thanks dad for the memories and what you taught me in life.

Thanks for :
Taking me fishing in the harbor where it was safe and we ate sultana pasties that were melting in the sun.
Teaching me how to ride a motor bike at a very young age.
Building a beach house at Whangamata that we would go every school holidays from me being age 4.
Being with me when I went into labor with Max and was waiting for TOF to get home to take me to Hospital.
Always being a hands on dad and grandfather, always available to help out.
Helping on Saturday sports days with the boys at taking them to their sport when TOF was away with work.
Always meeting us when we went on holiday and spending a day with us all.
Buying a lazy boy for TOF to use when he was housebound when he had knackered his back.
Being not only the boys grandfather but a good mate too.
Welcoming all my friends, my boys friends and basically just getting on with everyone that visited our house.
Memories like:
Me going out in the surf with you but knowing that my neck was your waist and I was safe with you.
Me having to run to keep up with you when you walked as your stride was ENORMOUS when I was a kid.
Letting us 3 girls pick a hole in the fresh uncut loaf of white bread on the walk home from the bakery at the beach and only leaving the crusty bit.
Turning a blind eye to the fact that us girls would drink your cold beer and replace it with warm stuff.

So many good memories, too many to list but I think you know how important you were and still are to me.

See you on the other side Dad


2 Tramps said...

A very touching tribute to your dear Dad!! My dad died in his sleep, too, and I have always felt we were blessed that he passed that way. I miss him so much...

Helga! said...

That's a lovely BSA he had!
Such a wonderful post,darling.Your Dad was born the same year as my Mama!
Going in one's sleep sounds like a reward for being amazing!Gawd I hope that'll be my fate...!

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Well I expect you can guess what I'm doing now!! I would have loved to have met your dad.♥

Misfits Vintage said...

Beautiful post, Sue. Thanks so much for sharing these gorgeous memories and stories with us. Your Dad was lucky to have you too.

Big hugs, Sarah xxx

PS Your stamp has been back in action today - thought you (and your Dad!) would probably approve.