Friday, 4 January 2013

Success in more ways than one

My eldest son nearly 20 finally got his learners license today!!!  I am stoked for him as it has been a bit of a monkey for him.  He is so much like me, in fact the poor bugger is always being told how much he looks like his mother.  No doubting the genes came through pretty strong from my side.  I never got around to getting a drivers license until I was 20.  I was driving and just couldn't be arsed going and doing it.  A family friend at the time who just happened to be a policeman booked me in and made me do it.  Yeah yeah!!  Slightly rebellious as a youngster.  So as you will see from the text from Max all my asking for a divine intervention from my Guardian Angel paid off!!  PHEW!!!  After I had dropped him back at his I whizzed home as Ms Webber was coming in.  We treated ourselves to a quick cuppa and then went out.  First to Early Settler, fab furniture shop, but too expensive for me, where she was picking up a chair and coffee table, she had already taken one home the other day.  Outdoor stuff, Hot pink chair for her, bright Orange for Joe and a matching white table.  Very cool and will be well used in this weather.   YES SUMMER REALLY CAME THIS YEAR!!  Well so far, so good.  Well done Summer, go you good thing ♥.  We then ventured around the corner to save mart where she had a purchase or 3 and I got TOF a pair of nice shorts.  Big spender me!!
I wasn't up for much spending as I had spent yesterday via trade me.  All this loveliness for $35, bone china and the lady got it for her 21st birthday (30 years ago) and it has never been used.  Anyone up for high tea in my garden??  This deserves cake and dresses this does.  Maybe even hats, yes hats!!
TOF is still up in Auckland working and home tomorrow.  Thought I was in for another home alone with the animals but Jak has returned from his alcohol fueled partying summer vacation from the coast.  Looking brown as a berry, totally knackered and complaining of now having a beer gut.  I wish my gut was the size of his so called beer gut!!  So my peace has ended, lights are being left on all over the house, dishes are on the bench above the dishwasher, his washing is strewn all through the laundry and he has gone off to a mates and the TV is still on and on Cricket!  Pets or kids???  Sometimes I really do wonder.  He starts work on Monday, all grown up now and I think it is fabulous.  I embrace each stage my boys has gone through.  I do not hanker for them to be small again, I enjoyed it but I enjoy them growing up and moving on in their lives, with me and TOF and without us.  2013 I think is going to be a good year, so I am going to grab it by its short and curlies and go for it!!

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