Tuesday, 11 June 2013

I had flowers on my legs

I was given these fabulous floral tights by a friend last year but didn't get around to wearing them, so out they came this morning teamed with black and white stripes and a dash of Purple!!
I even slapped on a bit of slop!!  I don't  really do the whole make up thing on a regular basis.  If I had a daughter she would have been mortified at my lack of putting on a face each morning!!!
And my Hyacinths are getting on with the biz of flowering!!!

Had a very busy weekend with too many late nights in a row for me, so I am extremely tired and feeling my age!! Not really but feeling my age just enjoying being under my fur blanket chilling out in the lounge while TOF is putting dinner together, bless his little cotton socks!!

Should have got my act together and caught up on the necessary Zzzzzs  in a few days and back out hunting around the local oppies!!

Toodles all!!

1 comment:

Vix said...

That eyeshadow looks so pretty on you and the flowery legs are hot! x