Thursday, 4 July 2013

It was all about the accessories

Thursday arrived on time and it meant Supermarket shopping before work! My plan was to attack the aisles nice and early but I got side tracked as per usual.  

Do I wear one necklace or two???

How many layers will I need, the weather report is for a mild 14*??

What colour boots?

Which bag?

So I surrounded myself in fairy dust and dived into my wardrobe, rummaged amongst my jewels, and came out with the following!!

Time for a photo shoot and then it was off to the market where everything is super (words TOF uses for such places) where I whizzed around in record breaking speed and the job was DONE for another week.

Big girl pearls with one of my handmade hearts, my super new favourite colourful bag, layers of stripes and colour with snippets of purple and black.  Oh and the boots? They were RED!

1 comment:

Helga! said...

Ooo, pretty pix!!!
You got side tracked in the MOST pleasurable way, AND looked divoon for the aisles! I think it's important to look extra fabularse at the supermarket!