Friday, 5 July 2013

I've been given the chop

My hair that is!!  Time for a pruning, a tidy up, a groom!!
Before (make up fresh)
After (make up wearing off)
My lovely young hairdresser decided to straighten it before cutting it, and I decided to wear make up for the day!!  Probably won't look this tidy tomorrow!!
Payment was made by way of photos of her children and her niece.  The smallest cousins are only two weeks apart and only small, like months old not years.

Love the tiny hands being held!!

I picked up this set of wood and cane draws this afternoon.  Another score from trade me, pretty happy with them and they are perfect for my side of the bed. Friday night and me and TOF are off out to meet up with a bunch of friends that we get together with on the first Friday of the month.  Meeting at Mooses Bar for drinks, light meal, catch up and watch rugby on the TV.  I will just slap on some more lippy and be ready to go!!  Have a fabulous weekend, be kind to yourselves, stay well and happy and make sure you laugh out loud at least once!!

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Helga! said...

It NEVER looks that same the day after, but if they've done their job right, the bones of it will enable you to recreate no worries! You look gorgeous, but you did anyway!
I've got a fancy for those lovely cane baskety draw things, but no bloody space since I went on a formica drawer binge earlier in the year!