Saturday, 6 July 2013

Old new things

Apart from the sun shining this morning I got a parcel in the post.  I had bid on and won off trade me, these cute as boots.  The photo really does them no justice but they are leather and so soft and so comfy.  I wore them all day!!!

The sun didn't stick around that long but combined with a dam fine wind my washing was all dry and inside before I could boil the jug for another cuppa!!
I bought  a wireless printer yesterday and surprised myself at actually installing it without a hitch, while watching one tennis late last night, or is that very early this morning?  Quite like watching Wimbledon and with so many top seeds already gone it is making it interesting.  Quite nice to see some new faces challenging the players that have been whippin' butt for years.

Anyway, due to having a new printer I decided to put my old but in good nick printer on trade me.  Then I spotted this very cool desk which I discovered was being sold by a lady I know. With some cloak and dagger communication I had struck a deal. Next thing she was delivering it to me, and I was busy unloading and reloading desks!!.  Now my old and smaller desk is listed on trade me.  With a bit of luck and good advertising I hopefully will get enough $$s from my two auctions to pay for the  New Old desk.

Gotta love second hand things!!

Confession time:  still haven't turned the unspare room back into a sparish room!!

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