Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Snot box or not I was going out

I have developed an unwanted cold over the last few days which I find terribly inconvenient!!  I have decided if I tell myself I am well and carry on as normal, then I DON'T HAVE A COLD!!  So I have picked me some lemons, I have beautiful Honey from my darling friend Lou-lou-belle, all I needed was some soluble disprin to go in it.
Dressed in layers of Turquoise and black, Merino and balls of fur on my shawl I was ready to get out into the big wide world that is my part of town.  I visited 3 op shops while heading to the supermarket for the missing ingredients to my "youcanfarkoff" cold remedy. My dad would drink whiskey when he was fluish but I am not big on booze, so I will stick to my cure.

And added to my cure was some fresh air and the slightest and I mean slightest bit of sunshine!!

I will be ten foot tall and bullet proof in no time!!

Or by going out I will have passed the little bastard thing onto some unsuspecting person out enjoying their day!!  Mwahahahaha!!

At least my dogs still love me!!


Helga! said...

You look FAR too fabularse to have a shitey cold, darling! Bleurgh, I usually try and ignore it, but I'm getting soft, so I like to take a day off, feel sorry for myself, and imbibe loads of hot lemon/whiskey/honey and cayenne pepper drinks! Hope it feck's off SOON!

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Good job I wasn't available for Suesday today, I might have caught yer snots! :D I so wanna make me one of those brooches :D

Vix said...

You definitely look too fab to be an ill person! I don't get them, the little bastards never get me! xxx