Sunday, 7 July 2013

Sunday drive on a Sunday!

After lunch I suggested to TOF that we went for a drive to the beach, Raglan being the closest was the winner on the day.  The weather was mild, windy and stormy looking, perfect for having the cobwebs blown out of you on a Sunday and made for lovely photos.
Seriously, a space ship at Raglan!!
Kite surfers, seed heads, and a landlocked dinghy!!
Seagulls with what can only be a birds eye view!!
Flax bushes and seagulls buffeted by the wind, and a perfect p lace for a bach!!

We had a walk down the main street, well TOF had a walk while I visited my favourite shop Glamour, that sells the most gorgeous ethnic things from Nepal. I fell deeply in love with a felted  hat, and had to bring it home!!  Trust me there was more I could have brought , but I can go back another day.
It kept my noggin warm out at the beach that is for sure.  We had a cuppa with friends and then headed on home...

..into the loving arms of my Puss, Texas Whanga Boy, or Tex to you.


Helga! said...

Spaceship!! That's awesome!
Love a Sunday drive, haven't done that in years!
You've taken some lovely pix, and great score on the hat, at this time of the years those beach winds can be bitter!

Vix said...

Love that photo of you and Tex at the end! that beach looks awesome and I love the hat! x

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Aww I want that spaceship! You should have called in for a cuppa on yer way back :D