Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Night Market and a Ginger Cat

On the weekend I finally got around to checking out a night market that has been happening every Saturday night in the middle of town.  It is held in the basement car park of a shopping mall and it deserved to be visited. My sons girlfriend wanted to come so we dragged him along with us.
I would probably go back but not with my son in tow.  His girlfriend was great but he did the old "how long will this take", so I knew then it would be a quick whistle stop tour. 

I was pleasantly surprised at the variety as I had heard it was mainly food stalls.  Sure there was lots, (well half the market) of food stalls but the smells were divine.

Of course I had a little spend.  I found this gorgeous little bag for my phone to live in for only $6.  Then I discovered a lady selling Copper jewellery.  I remember how my grandmother wore copper because of her arthritis.  I have it in both my hands, well at the base of my thumbs, so I got a ring for each thumb and a bracelet for each wrist.

I don't think markets are quite like they were when I was a lot younger My sister and I would drive to Auckland to go to the best market ever, Cook Street Market. OSH would have a fit now a days and the place would be condemned, but it was buzzing with people and it just had a vibe that I don't get from markets now.  We loved all the imported stuff from India and Bali, now everything is $1 shop stuff from China. Thankfully there are country markets now that only have stall holders selling handmade, local and or quality second hand.  I was going to go to a couple of them over the weekend but my market mojo had deserted me so maybe next month when the weather is warmer!

When I dropped of my son the flats cat, the ever gorgeous Ninja the ginger was putting on an act.  He is a beautiful big boy!!

My sister was over from the beach on the weekend and she and her hubby called in for a brew and a catch up before heading back to the coast.  She had brought over 3 Happy Hens for my collection.  So today when I popped into one of my local op shops I was well made up when I spied a flock of them on a shelf.  The best part was that today the shop was having a half price sale, so I got the lot.  Well I couldn't leave any behind, they were obviously a family!!
The tri panel picture I managed to get for $10 from another oppy.

The girls have been added to the others I have and my collection is looking pretty good, no wonder they are called Happy Hens, they make me happy.  These are made in Dunedin down in the South Island by Portabello.

Then there is my small collection of Pig piggy banks.

And lastly is my Russian Dolls or Babushka Dolls, one or the other.  Sue gave me the one with the old man as the big doll that she got in Oz when she was over there.

When I was putting my Hens in my china cabinet I rediscovered some old photos.  The one on the left is my Grandfather when he was about 4, with beautiful long curls and wrapped in chiffon.  He told me that his grandmother cried when his hair was finally cut.  The middle one is my boys when they were pre-schoolers.  They were wearing their dress up bug clothes in the garden of my parents.  Max was a lady bug and Jak was a bee.  Still have the lady bug wings!!  The photo on the right is of my Nana at age 9 months so taken in 1901.  She is sitting on her mothers lap with her brothers and sisters either side.  This was taken when they were in mourning as her father had just died.  Amazingly, the family stayed together even though these were hard days living over in Thames, NZ.

I have loads of gorgeous old photos, and have quite a lot of family history written down.  I had the good sense to pick the brains of both sets of my grandparents while they were alive and of sound mind, what ever that means.  I would say while they still had all their marbles!!  I have dropped a few of mine lately!!



Vix said...

I love a night market. We have one in Walsall that takes place quarterly and sells vintage, handmade and organic food and it's wonderful.
The family photos are fascinating, Max looked just like his Mum and I love Ninja! xxx

Helga! said...

Gawd, love those old pix!!!
Meow to Mr ginger Minger, what a sweetie! I am such a sucker for cats!
Your hens are gonna take over the WORLD, darling!!! Bloody HELL you have a lot now! Collections are so much fun, and when you're picking them up for a song, who cares how many you have?!
I love a good market, but am so frigging lazy I don't make to to many!!! I hate getting out of bed in Winter!

Misfits Vintage said...

Ooh I love the little piggy collection! And I also love a market - what a good idea to have it in an undercover carpark... what was the atmosphere like? They can be a bit claustrophobic at time.

Sarah xxx