Friday, 30 August 2013

My Friday begins with a "B"

B because, one I have a blocked nose, two I have been out to a Book fair, and three, my girls have got their laying mojo back and eggs are Bountiful!!  Oh and four, my garden even on this dull old Friday is looking Brilliant, with lots of Spring Bulbs and Buds everywhere!!

Two book fairs are held at the Te Rapa race course, horsey track place, each year and I go to both as it is just down the road from where I live.  Today it was Red Cross having a go and have a go they did! All books were $3 and this is when I get my big hard back jobbies.  When I have poured over each page I then donate them to Habitat to be on sold.  Magazines were 5 for $2 so I grabbed enough to keep me happy for the weekend as I feel I will be house bound with my snotty nose and husky cough!  They too will be passed on when I am finished.

I have been letting the girls out into the back yard most afternoons lately as their area is slightly boggy and damp under foot.  By way of thanks for this pleasure they have found their laying mojo and are popping out eggs by the dozen, well maybe not quite but they are putting in a sterling effort!!

 The beauty that is the different stages of a flower in bloom!
Mother Nature is the bomb!

 Beautiful Buds full of potential.

 Bird of Paradise and new growth everywhere.

A lovely Lemon destined for a hot drink for me.

Have a happy weekend wherever you are!!

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