Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The instant Gardener

That would be me!  I struggle with waiting for colour in my garden this time of the year so when there is potted colour on offer I usually get some.  I found the most awesome Tyre planter on Trade Me ($35 + $5 to get it delivered from Thames, an hour or so drive from Hamilton) and bought it, had to wait for a couple of weeks for it to be delivered but it arrived on the weekend.  It is better than I even expected and today it got filled up, well mass planted!!

Yum or what??
I planted a Camellia I had lurking in my garden in the middle then over dosed it on small plants, some already flowering.  At Bunnings (hardware/garden centre/man shop) there was loads of  punnets with 6 plants in each for only $1.37.  What a daft amount? So I grabbed about 9 punnets and the tyre is now chocker block!  Plus I snuck the odd seedling that is coming up in my other garden planters so it is going to look more than fabulous when it is Blooming its butt off!! Off course while out buying plants I popped into two opish shops and was rewarded with purchases!!

All the clothes came from Look Smart, as they are having a 50% off sale at the moment.  The dress is actually really nice but difficult to photograph brand new without tags and $7.50, the top and the tights were only $4 each.

Then at Habitat I found the owl which has a tea light candle in it, the very cool pencil case for my sons girlfriend, and two good sized orange lidded jars.  I have got rid of all my plastic in my cupboards and gone back to glass, so a real mish mash of jars, but I love it because I can see what I have and they seal better.

Three projects!  All need a sand and recovering but ranged from $2 - $5.

Thought Tex might like the wee step to help him get up onto his favourite chair!

These two lovelies came via the post and were purchased off Trade Me.  I have lusted after this Briarwood bag forever so when one came on auction in my price range I pounced!! I have the matching shoes that I scored for $1 last summer to go with the bag. Even the lining inside is divine.  Russian doll salt and pepper set totally cranked my handle so it too was a must!

Best go check that my Chickens aren't in my Tyre planter eating my plants!!


Serenata said...

You are right it is a great planter - so bright and cheerful what a brilliant idea! Hmmm...wonders if I can do something similar with tyres floating around here?

Vix said...

That's a great planter, it reminds me of the ones I see outside Hindu homes in India with sacred basil inside! x

Helga! said...

Love the pencil case, and the planters is so simple but so beautiful! It's like a big lily!
Nice socre on the bag, such pretty colours! XXXXXXXXXXXXXX