Monday, 2 September 2013

In Spring you should Swing!

I have stayed home today from work as I am still battling my cold.  Dam  bastard thing will not leave me!! This morning was so beautiful and sunny so I decided to put the squabs out on the swing chair in my garden so I could chill out in the warmth.

There is nothing quite like relaxing in the sunshine, even if all the pets decided to join in!

We are lucky enough to only have a reasonably quiet back yard for a residential property. We have a primary school next to and behind us, and an elderly widow on the other side.  Even though we are only two sections away from State Highway One it is still quiet.  If I close my eyes like I did today in the sun, I can imagine the sound of traffic as the ocean, and I can be relaxing at the beach in my mind! Even the hum of a lawn mower slaving away on a neighborhood lawn could not interrupt my trip the seaside.

Over the weekend I mapped out where two more barked areas are going to go, using more branches from my big Idesia trees, as TOF had been pruning again.  Just need to weed mat and bark and I will have less lawn to tackle and more lovely sweeping areas to plant.  My two big pots full of Tulips are starting to appear, I am looking forward to the show of flowers that will be with me soon. Hopefully this good weather and a bit more relaxing in the garden will have me fighting fit by tomorrow!!

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Vix said...

It doesn't seem more than a few weeks ago since you last blogged about having a cold - grrr! Hope the sunshine and lovely bed make you feel much better! x