Wednesday, 18 September 2013

After Jack Frost SuesDay was back on!!

During the night Jack Frost paid a visit and dusted the ground with icing!!  His calling card.  Which usually signifies a beautiful day in the Waikato, and beautiful it was!!

And look who is back from swanning around in England, and she is just as bad as she was before she left, woohoo!!!  We had a Suesday and knocked off a big chunk of our favourite op shops in the glorious sunshine.  We had an extra with us for the day, the very lovely Stephanie from England who is out in NZ until next year.  We had lunch at Palmers Garden Centre and found the apron on the right which us Sue think looks like us, of course the other Sue is the one wearing a knife and has a grappling hook on board!!

 Why would you have an assembly point in a tree??

Just a couple of crazy English sheilas having fun in the Salvo shop!!!

Not much of a haul for me today but the dress was in the window of the Salvo and it is very bright, brighter than the photo shows.

Layers even in the sunshine as the wind had a bite to it today!

Of course the fluffies were enjoying the great weather too!


Serenata said...

Must be fun to have your CS pal back! I followed her antics over here...not far from us really. I bet she has some tales to tell - looks like she had a great time.

The dress looks lovely and cheery.

The fluffies look like they are enjoying themselves.

Vix said...

Glad to see the pair of you reunited for Suesday! that dress is ace and I love the wild haired chicken! x