Thursday, 19 September 2013

Re-living my miss spent youth

...well not really but it made you look!!!

Tonight the lads decided we should go to our local pub, that has recently moved to a brand new venue but still close to our home.  Must admit the atmosphere in the old Te Rapa Tavern was something you cannot replicate.  The lease was up on the building so they have re built a brand spanking new pub, but with all the rugby, cricket, fishing, horse racing etc memorabilia all over the walls.  I think it is rather nice, same old bar leaners and stools, same old pool tables with new blue felt tops, and the same old faithful crowd have followed the pub.  There aren't many of the older style pubs about in Hamilton any more, it is all bars and restaurants these days and mainly central city.  The relaxed feel of a good old Tav is great for the working man heading home but in need of a quiet beer or three!!  This one has a really nice outdoor area so I am sure we will go back for some pub grub when our weather is settled into a better pattern of continual sunshine.  So the lads decided to have a game of pool, then had a doubles game with some locals.  Jak had a completely shit shot as in missed it altogether and because I laughed so much that I cried I was given the cue to replace him.  I did ok, we didn't win but we only had one ball left on the table.  Back in the early days of dating TOF would take me to the Hilly (Hillcrest Tavern) to play pool in the public bar with some pretty hard core types.  Such a romantic!!! Maybe that was why we click, we are pretty laid back people and enjoy the simple things in life.

 Mean while back in my garden, the Tulips are starting to pop up in the pots.

And a tiny spider had built a fabulous web amongst my plants.

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Helga! said...

Hahaha, I wonder if any of us could keep up with our younger selves?! Not bloody likely.
I do love an old pub, although some new places are pretty nice. It's the atmosphere that's the hardest to capture. I loathe pool, however, becuase i am really shit at it!